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The Spirit of Halloween

Is Halloween still about ghosts and goblins, and scary witches and count Dracula? The spirit of Halloween has evolved and many now dress up in movie character costumes and superheroes as well as comedy humor costumes. Times have changed, the days of wearing a cloak costume, dressing up in a wizard costume, scaring neighbors dressed as a vampire Count Dracula or a ghost costume are slowly flickering away. However, Zombie Costumes are still very popular Halloween costumes, thanks mostly to mainstream media and shows like Walking Dead and the Zombie Walks hosted throughout different cities where people dress as zombies and go on marathon style walks. Other movies such as Lord of the Rings have kept the wizard popularity alive but it has decreased over the years. Halloween today consists more of Sexy Costumes, Movie costumes, Humor costumes, Spirit Halloween costumes, Funny men’s costumes, Superhero costumes and cute toddler costumes. It is rare for us to see parents dress up their infants and toddlers as a ghost or goblin, but a cute dinosaur or princess is a very popular infant costume. As the years pass and technology kicks in, Social Media plays a big role in costume popularity for 2019. Even the iPhone app market has increased sales in costumes such as angry birds outfits and for this coming 2019 year, Pokemon costumes are set to be a big hit. People love the Pokemon Game and searching for a Pikachu costume has never been so fun. Glendale Halloween has all the Pokemon costumes available including Pikachu costumes for men, women, and kids. Other apps like Angry Birds have been a hit for over the last 5 years and now have increased in popularity thanks to the new Angry Birds movie. Los Angeles and especially Burbank, home to the movie studios, is known for new movies and production. As Hollywood and its movie makers keep putting out new films, customer costume options keep growing.


Election Campaign Costumes!

Election Campaign Costumes

Halloween Stores are ready for this coming election season. Our store is stocked with Campaign masks, political costumes, campaign accessories and everything you can think of for the Republican candidates as well as the Democratic candidates. Donald Trump has taken over mainstream media with his campaign, and we have Donald Trump Costumes and Donald Trump Masks for all our Halloween customers. Hillary Clinton Costumes and Hillary Masks are also stocked and ready to go. If you are attending a campaign or political event, we have all the costume items you need to fit right in. Need a Red President tie? We have that. Want to be Bernie Sanders for Halloween? We have Bernie Sanders Masks! Feel the Bern for Halloween! Interested in former president masks? We have Obama masks, George Bush masks, Ronald Reagan Masks, First Lady Wigs for Michelle Obama, Kennedy Masks and of course, Donald Trump Wigs are in stock! Other Election accessories are also available like campaign hats and USA Flag costumes. And for those of you throwing Political Theme Campaign Election Parties, we have all your election items ready for your event. Los Angeles Halloween parties are in full effect and whether or not you like the Donald, many will be dressing as Donald Trump this season in either positive ways or negative zombie bloody presidential styles. 2016 Presidential Candidates are going to be very popular for costume ideas just like 2015 Halloween was. Some may take it easy and wear just a Donald Trump Mask, or a Hillary Clinton Wig, or just a suit with a Red President Tie, but the costume theme is here to stay for this season. Couples Costumes are a great idea for those couples wanting to dress as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as a couples costume. Customers from all over Los Angeles like Santa Clarita and Hollywood and Northridge to come get these items so stop by our Halloween Store in Los Angeles to choose your costume ideas before they sell out! And don’t forget to vote, because every vote counts in Southern California!


Haunted House Decorations

Haunted House Halloween Decorations

Decorating your house for Halloween? Our Halloween Store in Glendale is here to help? We will be offering all types of decorations for all your haunted house needs. For many years we have been supplying our customers in La Crescenta, Montrose, La Canada, Sunland, Tujunga, Sylmar, Pacoima, Burbank and of course, in our own city Glendale, with all their Halloween decoration needs. From simple Halloween decorations like tombstones, fog machines, hanging characters and porch light covers for your front lawn to high end moving characters and animatronics for all your haunted house ideas. We work with our Halloween decoration customers to see what their budget is, the number of Trick or Treaters that they will be passing candy out to, and the cars driving by to evaluate what is the best and most cost-effective Halloween decor that we can provide them. With over 10 years of experience in haunted house decor, our scary section in our store will have decoration samples for our spooky shoppers to take a look at and choose what is best for their lawn decorations. We have been known to be the best La Crescenta Halloween Store, the most unique La Canada Halloween Store, the most friendly Montrose Halloween Store and the most accommodating Pasadena Halloween Store for Halloween decorating needs. If you are coming from the valley and looking for decorations at a Halloween Store in Burbank or a Halloween Store in Glendale, visit us at 221 N. Glendale Ave and we can give you a walkthrough of all the items we offer for Halloween decoration ideas. We even have experience decorating ranch homes, equestrian centers, and many large acre lot homes for our Sylmar Halloween customers. Our La Canada Halloween customers have been amazed by our work on their million dollar homes, with step by step communication from start to finish. Our selection is the best you can find for Halloween Events in Los Angeles. Now Halloween decorations are just a small part of what Glendale Halloween Time Superstore has to offer. We are still known to be one of the best costume stores in Los Angeles and hope to one day decorate projects like the universal studios Halloween horror nights!


Shake Shack Glendale

Glendale is a beautiful city, but besides its amazing downtown district, its endless shopping outlets and malls, is nestled between mountains and between three main freeways, and just minutes from downtown LA, it now has added a few new commercial residents that we are excited about. Across from the Americana at Brand and a block up from the Glendale Galleria, Glendale will soon be home to the new Shake Shack Glendale location on the corner of Brand and Colorado. Neighboring Shake Shack Glendale will be another popular eatery from downtown LA’s Grand Central Market, the famous Egg Slut. Also a resident of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, where people wait in long lines after they come out of the clubs to have a quick taste before going back to their rooms, famous for being the After Hours food spot in Vegas. The Egg Slut Glendale location will be a hit among Glendale’s growing young crowd with all the new apartment buildings in the downtown district. We can almost guarantee long lines at Egg Slut Glendale as well as Shake Shack Glendale. Neighboring those establishments will be the famous Philz Coffee Glendale location which has given coffee a new meaning. With fans from all over, Philz Coffee has become a well-known coffee hangout for people of all crowds. Rich coffee has never had so much attention in Glendale until Philz Coffee on Brand was announced. Alongside those establishments, Glendale will also welcome Mainland Poke Shop and Greenleaf Chopshop, all eateries are expected to open right around Halloween 2019. Glendale Costumes will be waiting for the opening of especially Shake Shack Glendale so our employees can prepare their lunchtime orders. People from Burbank and Pasadena will probably be flocking over to stand in line for these restaurants so expect long lines, especially in the opening month. As Glendale blossoms as a city, we are proud to be part of the glamour and growing trends from increased city events to Halloween parties all over. Join Glendale Halloween Time Superstores in helping Glendale grow to be the best city in Los Angeles.


2016 Halloween Costume Trends

2016 Halloween Costume Trends are on top of everyone’s mind. Who will be what? What is the best option to be funny and cute? Everyone has ideas but until you stop by a Halloween costume store near me, you won’t see the costume selection and costume trends for this coming 2016 Halloween season. Walking the aisles of the Los Angeles Halloween stores will help you learn about the endless costume options that are new in 2016, and not only men’s costumes or women’s costumes, but also 2016 couples costumes. For example, a Sailor is one of the most popular couples costumes, as well as the Police Officer and Swat lady costumes. In addition to the police couples costumes, this year the prisoner costume is also a great substitute for either gender. New for 2016 and very popular couples costumes includes the Native American Indian Costume and the Indian Warrior Princess. Together, they complete the look of an era and a unique theme. Going to a Halloween party in Los Angeles while being confident about your look has never been so easy. Even our Party City Los Feliz customers love our store so they can see and feel the costumes instead of seeing a picture wall of costumes. For our Burbank Halloween customers, we have a special Halloween coupon as we do for our Pasadena Halloween clients. We invite people from all over to Glendale Halloween so they can explore the endless costume options and see what costume trends are going to be hot for 2016. Choosing a costume may be easy, but walking into a costume party confident about your look is priceless. Don’t forget to add your costume accessories to complete your costume, like handcuffs for police and swat couples costumes or vampire fangs on your teeth to create a true Dracula costume. Wow, the crowd as you walk into your Halloween events.