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Halloween 2024 is almost here and the excitement is already building up! To get more into the spirit of the season, it’s time to get your Halloween shopping done ASAP! Trust us, you don’t want to be left out of this year’s Halloween rendezvous.

Halloween seasons are fun occasions when you get the opportunity to impress yourself with creepy, spooky and yes, haunted props and costumes that you can ever lay your hands on.

Kids Halloween costumes

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Although Halloween is a spooky and creepy event, it’s still anticipated and loved by children regardless of their age. To give them the best Halloween experience this year, get them fancy dress costumes that represent adventure, fantasy, and imagination, the likes of StarWars costumes, Avengers costumes, SpiderMan costumes, Minions costumes and Cinderella costumes are just a good place to start! Also, classic characters like pirates, vampires, werewolves and trending pop characters like Disney Princess costumes and lots more are just a few spooky costumes to get your children into this coming Halloween season! Alternatively, you can let your whole family choose from a wide selection of Halloween costumes at Glendale Halloween store to project that Superhero character they want to be! Keep the spirit of Halloween alive by shopping for Halloween costumes and props for the whole family today.

Dressing up on Halloween day also is meant to be a fun, spooky time for adults likewise! Imagine the fun and intriguing social interactions associated with costuming in outfits ranging from fancy ones to the spooky types! October 31st, Halloween day is a special occasion for you to step into the role of your favorite characters and enjoy the fun and spookiness of Halloween!

Halloween Stores!

Are you wondering if there is a Halloween store near me? Well, let’s make things really easy for you by giving you a heads up on where to purchase a Halloween costume. To get your Halloween shopping done real quick and go back home pleased with your findings, you should visit these popular local stores where you are bound to get that spooky costume for Halloween.

Glendale Halloween stores!

Choose Glendale Halloween stores as your one-stop shop this Halloween season! With Halloween fast approaching and plans for Halloween parties, costume contests, parades and zombie walks are put in place, there’s a huge need for costumes, props, masks etc, for each of these events! With our years of experience in the trade of delivering Halloween costumes and all the works, believe us when we say we don’t disappoint!

In our stores all-over, we offer our customers an amazing variety of costumes and all the accessories needed to make your costume full. Also, our spectacular costumes and props are not only creative and mind-blowing but also budget friendly. We believe that we can enchant all Halloween lovers and dress you all up in our quality merchandise; even your home will undergo a total transformation from something ordinary to a full-blown extraordinary SPOOKY atmosphere!

What makes our Halloween store unique from other stores is the customized personal experience we offer in our shops, with friendly staff always at hand to guide you towards choosing the right costume while also helping you have the most fantastic shopping experience ever!

Our amazing array of Halloween merchandise also gives Halloween shoppers an unforgettable and adventurous shopping venture with us! Choose us now as your one-stop shop by stopping at
Glendale Halloween for all your costume needs, we are at the Halloween store near Burbank, Pasadena, and Hollywood.

Start shopping now to make the most of this year’s Halloween which promise quite a lot for us all. We could go on and on telling you all about our Halloween merchandise! However, we like the popular saying ‘seeing is believing’. So we don’t want you to just want our Halloween merchandise, we want you to visit our stores now and get your Halloween shopping done!

We want our potential customers to discover for themselves the main reason why we stand out as the best in what we do! Our main goal is making your Halloween celebrations more fun-filled, spooky and better than that of the previous year and we achieve this by giving you the right customer service and support in choosing Halloween attires to rock Halloween night and also downright spooky props and decorative items, treats and tricks to light up your Halloween parties.

Browse our Halloween store to get all your costuming needs fulfilled, there’s no point in waiting anymore! Start shopping! Interestingly, you can enjoy your Halloween celebrations without digging a fat hole in your finances. Whatever popular costume you might have in mind, simply browse any of our costume stores close to you and you’ll discover inspiring ideas and also hot, spooky, spectacular Halloween costumes for kids, teens, and adults.
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Amazingly, you can always browse these costume stores and have your orders shipped to a local address in the area. When you patronize our local stores you enjoy:

  • Great deals and lots of discounts than the prices offered at other stores, obviously, this is a good one as you can get so you can purchase more Halloween supplies at a lesser rate!
  • You get to chose from a wide selection of costumes available, covering many genres from the classic down to the traditional and trendy types.
  • We provide authentic and quality merchandise you can wholly rely on to fulfill your Halloween needs for you, your circle of friends and your extended family of Halloween enthusiasts.
  • Our friendly and well-experienced staff ensures you are fitted with costumes and additional accessories that suit you perfectly.
  • At Glendale Halloween stores, we take our customer service up a notch by helping our shoppers plan their Halloween party so it’s totally lit and having all the works to make it SPOOKY!
  • When you choose us as your one-stop shop in settling your Halloween needs, we give you an unforgettable and impressive shopping adventure which will surely get you enamored with us.
  • Our warm and friendly staff are always within arms reach to answer all your questions about our merchandise and also share their wide knowledge of Halloween trends with you.
  • You get everything you’re looking for and lots more when you visit our Halloween stores.
  • Fitting rooms are available in order for our customers to try on their chosen costumes before checking out! This provision you can’t find in any other Halloween stores elsewhere.

In a nutshell, at the Glendale Halloween store, you can get all your Halloween needs to be settled in no time while checking out our quality merchandise. Here’s a cheat sheet of some of our Halloween merchandise available in our stores.

Cosplay costumes

If you are in dire need of a Cosplay costume to attend the Cosplay event for Halloween, like Comic-con LA, you need not worry. Here at Glendale Halloween stores, we guarantee that no matter what character you choose to represent, you’ll get that Cosplay costume that’s exactly the right fit for you with the help of our experienced salespersons and you’ll definitely feel like the life of the party while wearing one of our original Cosplay costumes.

Trendy costumes

Do you want a costume for your teens? Just check out our wide selection of trendy costumes since teenagers are naturally trendy, wanting to keep up with the latest fashion. Therefore you can get costumes portraying popular music and movie stars like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Harry Potter and the likes. We’ve got something to suit every taste and style and our merchandise also comes with the best quality material, so you can get your money’s worth on them.

Horrific themed characters

What’s Halloween without scary costumes?! That’s the life and spirit of Halloween and we offer great horrific costumes that make Halloween a fun fright time for everyone! So do you want to be a zombie or vampire for Halloween? Or do you prefer the classic scare such as a Freddy Krueger mask, Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees, you can get exactly what you need right here.

Classic costumes

Get really fantastic classic costume ideas for teenagers like fairies, witches, princesses, and superheroes! Classic costumes are ageless and will never get staid! Therefore, you can rock a Gothic fairy style for Halloween or get that spunky costume with all the works that achieve a punk witch look.

Scary masks

Here’s the main highlight of Halloween! The simple old paper mask isn’t effective anymore! Now you can get quality scary masks ranging from those sporting bruises, ugly cuts, and blood pouring out to those that have sewed patched up skin and more! With our vast collection of scary masks, Halloween can go from scary to horrifying, terrifying and yes be petrifying! And that is when the fun and fright of Halloween begins.


Our collection of Halloween accessories only complements your overall Halloween look. Spice up your vampire look by getting the fangs and teeth costume accessories and if you want to be a witch for Halloween you’ve got to get wands and broom costume accessories. Other accessories available are Eyelash costumes accessories, feathered eyelashes, hairspray/hair color, gloves and mitts, tattoo costume accessories and lots more.

Getting your Halloween costumes and props alongside DIY items you can use in creating your Halloween decorations is now easy and within your grasp and pocket range! The whole family and your circle of friends can now enjoy the fun, spookiness and collective social interactions abundant in Halloween! Get to the Halloween shops now before the rush hour and start shopping for Halloween to get favorable deals on lots of fantastic costumes! Then you can eagerly await Halloween 2024 with everyone else!
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