Clown Wigs

Clowns have entertained us for hundreds of years. The earliest documented history of a clown performing dates back to the ancient Roman and Greek theaters. Yes, the comic and often satiric characters are that old. But the concept underwent several transformations over the years. The English dictionary, of course, did not record the word ‘clown’ until much later, circa 1560. Through Shakespearean plays and Greek tragedies, modern theater, and circus, the clown has become an inseparable part of our society at large. From the tall hats worn in the ancient days to the modern clown wigs, the appearances of clowns have also evolved substantially.

Today, clowns are recognized instantly by their unique attributes, and most of them have to do with the appearance. Clown wigs are what you would notice first. Then you may notice the makeup, the perennial smiles, the blushing and bright cheeks, the painted eyebrows and the overall costume. But what truly sets the mood is the clown wigs. Whether it is the simple bald top with crazy hair all around or the scary clown wigs with myriad colors and rather quaint sprouts of hair, clown wigs are integral to a clown’s costume and performance.

Clown wigs have been rather happy and entertaining in the past. But over the years, they have evolved. Some have become rather eerie or outright scary. Some clown wigs are terrifying and they are designed to be so. As our definition of entertainment undergoes a change and we continue to cherish new ways of being enthralled, the clown wigs are also evolving to satiate that change. Choose the traditional clown wigs, all the Pennywise or go with some quaint designs featuring giant afro curls, opt for an evil jester or a scary wig, explore the plethora of choices and opt for one that would be perfect for your needs.