Pirate Costume Accessories & Makeup

HAL_2013_PIRATENo matter what kind of pirate you are planning to dress up as, without proper accessories, it simply cannot work and it will just fall dead in water. It is necessary for a raider to have a way of defending himself. The sword and pistol are necessary and without the two, you will simply be an individual wearing fancy clothes. With the sword and pistol hanging from the belt you are a step closer to ruling the seas. Oh! And you will also need a hat. Long days on your ship at sea, the sun is sure to become very bright and hot. You need the three-cornered hat to keep the sun from your face. Without the hat, you will be facing the bright sun while digging for treasuring and while fighting against the enemies. A hat is a necessity of every good pirate. You can always include bandana in order to cover the hair under your hat. It will help to keep the hat sweat free and also will keep you more comfortable.

You already know that without gold, a pirate is only a poor man on the boat. A pirate’s life revolves around searching for treasure and plundering others. A wealthy pirate will show off the gold which he found in his endeavors. What better way to show-off than a gold necklace or some gold rings. All these pirate accessories will help to complete the costume and make you look like a real pirate.