Baby, Infant and Toddler Costumes

The Glendale Halloween store offers a wide array of fun toddler costumes for any dress-up event, but we also provide sizes suited for infants and babies too!  Parents can choose from homemade costumes designed to enhance that toddler cute factor.  Now, what do we mean by that?  Well, if you want to have your toddler be a chubby little dinosaur, they can.  If you want to dress them as “my little pony” or something totally mythical you won’t be disappointed.  The dynamic costume designs ensure that there is something to be found for every taste! These do it yourself costumes are easily customizable too–so a parent can pick and choose to create the cutest outfit anywhere!

Home Made Costumes Designed for Newborns and Kids

Parents can now choose from the collection designed for newborns and kids. These are great for bringing kids for a trick or treat, or any type of costume style event. Perhaps you’re planning a get together where kids can just enjoy dressing up in their favorite costumes–which is totally fun. Just make sure that you bring your cell phone. This way, you can capture all those adorable pictures of your baby while he or she is wearing his or her costume.