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All About the Spirit of Halloween in 2023

Is Halloween still about ghosts and goblins, and scary witches and Count Dracula? The spirit of Halloween has evolved and many now dress up in movie character costumes and superheroes as well as comedy humor costumes. Times have changed, the days of wearing a cloak costume, dressing up in a wizard costume, scaring neighbors dressed as a vampire Count Dracula or a ghost costume are slowly flickering away. In 2023, you might see Angel, Bee, Harley Quinn, Witch, Butterfly, Ballerina, Dinosaur, Dragon Halloween costumes, and more.

However, Zombie Costumes are still very popular Halloween costumes, thanks mostly to mainstream media and shows like Walking Dead and the Zombie Walks hosted throughout different cities where people dress as zombies and go on marathon style walks. At Burbank Halloween Superstore, you will find everything you need to keep with the trends. Other movies such as Lord of the Rings have kept the wizard popularity alive but it has decreased over the years.

Halloween Trends and Events in 2023

Halloween today consists of Sexy Costumes, Movie costumes, Humor costumes, Spirit Halloween costumes, Funny men’s costumes, Superhero costumes and cute toddler costumes. It is rare for us to see parents dress up their infants and toddlers as a ghost or goblin, but a cute dinosaur or princess is a very popular infant costume.

As the years pass and technology kicks in, Social Media plays a big role in costume popularity for 2023. Even the iPhone app market has increased sales in costumes such as angry birds outfits and for this coming year, Pokemon costumes are set to be a big hit. People love the Pokemon Game and searching for a Pikachu costume has never been so fun. Glendale Halloween has all the Pokemon costumes available including Pikachu costumes for men, women, and kids.

Other apps like Angry Birds have been a hit for over the last 5 years and now have increased in popularity thanks to the new Angry Birds movie. Burbank, home to the movie studios, is known for new movies and production. As Hollywood and its movie makers keep putting out new films, customer costume options keep growing.

Visit our store in Burbank for all your essential needs!

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