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Shake Shack Glendale

Glendale is a beautiful city, but besides its amazing downtown district, its endless shopping outlets and malls, is nestled between mountains and between three main freeways, and just minutes from downtown LA, it now has added a few new commercial residents that we are excited about. Across from the Americana at Brand and a block up from the Glendale Galleria, Glendale will soon be home to the new Shake Shack Glendale location on the corner of Brand and Colorado. Neighboring Shake Shack Glendale will be another popular eatery from downtown LA’s Grand Central Market, the famous Egg Slut.

Check out Shake Shack Glendale & Egg Slut: Your Perfect Eatery Spot.

Also a resident of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, where people wait in long lines after they come out of the clubs to have a quick taste before going back to their rooms, famous for being the After Hours food spot in Vegas. The Egg Slut Glendale location will be a hit among Glendale’s growing young crowd with all the new apartment buildings in the downtown district. We can almost guarantee long lines at Egg Slut Glendale as well as Shake Shack Glendale.

Neighboring those establishments will be the famous Philz Coffee Glendale location which has given coffee a new meaning. With fans from all over, Philz Coffee has become a well-known coffee hangout for people of all crowds. Rich coffee has never had so much attention in Glendale until Philz Coffee on Brand was announced. Alongside those establishments, Glendale will also welcome Mainland Poke Shop and Greenleaf Chopshop, all eateries are expected to open right around Halloween 2023.

Glendale Costumes will be waiting for the opening of especially Shake Shack Glendale so our employees can prepare their lunchtime orders. People from Burbank and Pasadena will probably be flocking over to stand in line for these restaurants so expect long lines, especially in the opening month. As Glendale blossoms as a city, we are proud to be part of the glamour and growing trends from increased city events to Halloween parties all over. Join Glendale Halloween Time Superstores in helping Glendale grow to be the best city in Los Angeles.

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