Bodies & Body Parts

Feet“There is something wrong with my year” you can say while touching your ear and suddenly pull it off in front of your friends! This is a great way to use some of our bodies and body parts props. It’s not just the ears; we have all the body parts you can think of. Look at the different types of arms we have – it doesn’t really matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. A chopped off foot is a great idea for the beginning of this celebration. Severed heads are never out of fashion and this is especially true if you choose the full costumes that are very realistic.

Obviously, body parts are not the only thing that we can offer. We have full bodies too! One of the most unique ones is featuring a dead man with working bowels. You should also check the demon baby. Our bones, pulsating body parts and latex heads will surely make your visitors freak out. They are perfect for Halloween pranks and making people feel uncomfortable for a brief moment during Halloween.

Use our fake dead bodies and body parts to have fun this Halloween!