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10 Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Squad

Halloween is a time to gather with your friends, dress up in some cool, scary and unique costumes, and have some fun. You and your squad do everything together; fun, shopping, brunch, manicures. So, why not plan for the perfect Group Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is not only for kids going door to door for sweets. If you are trick or treating with your family, friends, or co-workers, one fantastic way to wriggle out of being unique and attractive is to have matching costumes. It will be a fun for those who see a group of the same character coming for trick or treating.

How to choose the best group Halloween costumes for your crew? Here are a few options to get you started, from Emojis squad to Batman villains to Yip Yip Aliens.

Top 10 group Halloween costume ideas that will blow your mind this Halloween season


When it comes to Emojis Halloween costumes, there are plenty of new expressive faces to choose from. Your group could portray anything from smiley faces and Emoji couples to dancing girls and bride Emojis. This is the best costume to add some fun and excitement to your squad’s personality. Read more