Weapons Costume Accessories & Makeup

If your chosen outfit demands then you must sport the signature weapon of that character. For instance, if you are going to appear in the party in the dress of pirates then you must have the sword, otherwise, you cannot add a spark to your appearance. Similarly, if you have decided to visit the party in the outfit of ninja then without the throwing star you cannot achieve completeness. However, we are happy to announce that you can have any sort of toy weapons on our website plenty of options that will make the selection hard for you.

Starting from medieval age weapons like swords and shields to nunchucks of ninja, Sais, and Bos. Aside from that our vast collection also have bloody machetes and hatchets that were used to kill the hooks as shown in a horror movie. Moreover if in this year superhero is your theme in your Halloween party then never forget to carry their unique weapons.

So, in this Halloween whatever is your plan or whatever you want to wear you can find anything and everything in our online store to dress up yourself from head to toe. All you need to do is to know the accurate weapon of the character that you are going to impersonate.