Venetian Mask

Venetians masks are quite old. They have been around for almost half a millennium and through all this time, they have remained relevant and have evolved as well. The modern Venetian masks are not very different from the medieval ones because certain aesthetics are maintained and some inspirations are still popular but you do get some influences of modern art and culture.

Our collection of Venetian masks is loaded and it is unlikely that you will not find what you want. You can get the bauta style masks which will conceal your entire face. You can opt for the Columbian style which will cover half of your face or you would have to use a stick to hold the mask in its place. Both are extremely popular but for very different reasons. From the iconic beaked mask emulating the plague doctor to some really unique designs, you can go all out experimenting with Venetian masks or you can play it safe with some common design.

Our Venetian masks will transport you to Venice during the Carnival or to New Orleans on Mardi Gras. You can opt for minimalist designs or you can get some flashy and grand styles. You can opt for a host of accessories, from gems to fringes, feathers to sequins. Opt for bright colors or contrasting shades, choose the material you like and one that would go with your costume. Stand out at the next party with our Venetian masks without any effort whatsoever.