Wizard of Oz Costume Accessories & Makeup

Based on the book by L. Frank Baum, the hit musical film The Wizard of Oz was first screened in 1939 and starred Judy Garland. The characters are now a popular choice for a fancy dress party. This is especially the case if you are dressing up as a group or family as there are so many characters to choose from. Typically, a group will dress as Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. However, if you are a larger group you may choose to have one of the witches, the Great Oz or a few Munchkins- ideal roles for children. Wizard of Oz accessories will make your group look like they have walked straight off the film set.

The main character, Dorothy, is well known for her checkered dress and wearing her hair in bunches. However, it is accessorizing with ruby slippers that will make this character really stand out. If you don’t have your own dog to take to play the famous role of Toto, you can even get a fake dog in a basket for Dorothy to carry around. The other leading characters are equally as easy to recreate using Wizard of Oz accessories. No Tin Man is complete without his ax and the heart awarded by the Great Oz while buying a mask for the Scarecrow will save the time of attempting to replicate the look in the film. For the Cowardly Lion, you will just need a lion’s mask and medal for courage.

Bring these oddly fantastic characters to life by adding their respective Wizard of Oz accessories to your costume that you purchase from the Glendale Halloween Store.