Light Up Decorations

halloween props-minDecorations of any nature need to be highlighted and the only way to do it is to light them up. Not with fire but with appropriate lights. You can use sounds and motions to make the decorations more interesting but the light is the first quintessential requirement. And you should choose the lights according to the need of the event. Halloween decorations will require spooky and eerie lights. Normal parties will require vibrant and bright lights. Seeing is one of the most dominant senses and it is dictated or influenced by light. So use light to your advantage and make sure your event or party is a gala success.

Our inventory of light up decorations contains every type of lighting you might need. We have plenty of your lawn, backyard, driveway, foyer, living room, deck, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and anywhere else you wish to install a few lights up decorations.


If you are looking for a way to spice up your Halloween party then a haunted graveyard can help you a lot. Graveyards are often used as homes by many scary and well-known Halloween creatures. Ghosts can be trapped in these graves for centuries (until someone releases them), vampires take small brakes inside while the zombies hide and wait for an unsuspecting visitor in order to eat some brains and flesh. Turn your horror fantasy into

reality by using one or several of these scary Halloween Tombstones. In addition, you can make a combination of these tombstones with some other decorations that we have in our offer and make the scene even more realistic. Don’t be fooled by the RIP sign on these tombstones because the undead and the creatures that are active during Halloween don’t have time to rest. If you are interested in turning your yard into a real horror park, you will definitely need some of these tombstones. The tombstones we have in our offer can be used as an inspiration for the rest of the decorations. They are like a basis of a good Halloween party. Use some decoration that resembles a dead man and put it close the grave and you’ll get a gruesome murder scene or you can put in a way that will look like someone is trying to get out of the grave. Use special lighting that has the ability to resemble the moon to get even scarier effects.

It is up to you to choose the decorations, but setting up a Halloween graveyard is always a good idea. This year, the dead will arise on Halloween and they will use your yard!