Nurse Costume Accessories & Makeup

Nurses have always been an original costume in the Halloween party world and Glendale Halloween is here to help you be the prettiest or sexiest nurse you have ever wished to be. Nurse outfits are simple but at the same time, very fun costumes to wear with all the great options and accessories we have to offer. Some prefer to be a sexy nurse, some like to be a regular nurse with their husband being a doctor to complete their couples costume. Nurse accessories also are great to go with your costume. Some of the options available include a stethoscope, a doctors mirror, a fake needle, a nurse purse, a first aid kit and a cute nurse cap. Another choice would be to wear a sexy nurse costume with the shorter dresses and Nurse thigh high stockings to give your self an attention-grabbing look at any Halloween party. Eyelashes, white gloves, and fake nails are a great add-on to any sexy costume.