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Election Campaign Costumes!

Halloween Stores are ready for this coming election season. Our store is stocked with Campaign masks, political costumes, campaign accessories and everything you can think of for the Republican candidates as well as the Democratic candidates. Donald Trump has taken over mainstream media with his campaign, and we have Donald Trump Costumes and Donald Trump Masks for all our Halloween customers. Hillary Clinton Costumes and Hillary Masks are also stocked and ready to go.

If you are attending a campaign or political event, we have all the costume items you need to fit right in. Need a Red President tie? We have that. Want to be Bernie Sanders for Halloween? We have Bernie Sanders Masks! Feel the Bern for Halloween! Interested in former president masks? We have Obama masks, George Bush masks, Ronald Reagan Masks, First Lady Wigs for Michelle Obama, Kennedy Masks and of course, Donald Trump Wigs are in stock! Other Election accessories are also available like campaign hats and USA Flag costumes.

And for those of you throwing Political Theme Campaign Election Parties, we have all your election items ready for your event. Los Angeles Halloween parties are in full effect and whether or not you like the Donald, many will be dressing as Donald Trump this season in either positive ways or negative zombie bloody presidential styles. Some may take it easy and wear just a Donald Trump Mask, or a Hillary Clinton Wig, or just a suit with a Red President Tie, but the costume theme is here to stay for this season. Couples Costumes are a great idea for those couples wanting to dress as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as a couples costume.

Customers from all over Los Angeles like Santa Clarita and Hollywood and Northridge to come get these items so stop by our Halloween Store in Los Angeles to choose your costume ideas before they sell out! And don’t forget to vote, because every vote counts in Southern California!

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