Bel Air Halloween Store

Founded in 1923 by Alphonzo Bell, Bel Air is the residential district with a well educated but small population of only 7,691 residents. It is located about 12 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles with an area of 6.37square miles. At the heart of the community sits the Bel-Air Country Club and the Hotel Bel-Air which makes this city worth visiting. If you are looking for a great night out then you will find Bel Air has a lot to offer. There are many pubs or brewing companies that are absolutely perfect for a peaceful pint and a long-lasting conversation, the Independent Brewing company, Sean Bolan’s Irish Pub and Looney’s Pub are some of them. In addition, Bel Air offers entertainment lovers a wide range of options to choose from. It is also one of the premium shopping destinations in California. If you are a shopaholic, you can’t afford to miss visiting the famous Glendale Halloween Store which is a few kilometers from Bel Air. At Bel Air Halloween store, we feature a superb selection of men’s, women’s and children’s Halloween Bel Air costumes including the extraordinary and hard to find styles and patterns no one else has. We also stock a huge range of Halloween props and lighting accessories to give your Halloween house a haunted appeal. Visit us to make your Halloween night extra frightening and unforgettable!