Halloween Castle in Glendale


Glendale Halloween has long been considered the Costume Castle for all our spooky shoppers Halloween needs. With almost 20,000 square feet and over 25,000 products, our Halloween Superstore is known to be the premier Halloween Store in the industry. We work with over 100 makeup artists, 25 haunted house operators and hundreds of photographers providing everyone with the Halloween props, decorations and make up they need for their year-round events. Our Halloween Castle also works with a number of schools and organizations, including non-profits, for their school festivities and Halloween Parades. Our relationship with local schools over the past decade has helped us understand exactly what the schools want and what products we should shift towards their students.

Over the years, Glendale Unified School District, as well as other districts have stopped allowing children to come to school wearing a mask covering their face. Due to this change, Glendale Halloween has trained their costume specialists to understand what options work best for children when recommending costumes for school and what to avoid.

Unfortunately, many children love to be scary clowns or superheroes with face masks like Spiderman, but since the schools aren’t a fan of the masks, children are moving on to different basic costumes like doctors and humor costumes like Scooby Doo.

The Costume Castle is able to cater to the specific needs whether it is high-quality rental style costumes for theatrical purposes, normal high-end dresses for masquerade parties or the regular costumes for Halloween events and parties. The magic of shopping at the Halloween Castle is that every item is sitting on a wall somewhere waiting for you, and our costume specialists will guide you down the path of our aisles to the exact party store item or costume you need. We are also excited to mention that starting in 2024, we will be working with a few restaurants in the Downtown LA Arts District for their Costume Balls this October. Every event will have a unique version of Halloween décoration, never to be duplicated at another event.

These ones of  kind Halloween backdrops we create allow for this establishments to have unique “selfie zones.” The selfie has become such a hit over the years that now restaurants, as well as our Costume Castle will have designated points within the stores for people to comfortably take selfies with a nice background. We are also working on bringing a Selfie Social Media photo booth so our clients can just click a button and maybe even get a print out of the selfie or get an email with a copy and our Costume Castle stamp on it. Social Media has caused an uproar in selfie images and we are happy to be in the realm of this new epidemic. When October comes around, make sure you visit Glendale Halloween when you are looking for the Costume Castle near me. We are happy to assist our spooky customers with all their needs.