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Burbank Halloween Store

201 E. Magnolia Blvd #100 Burbank, CA 91502 (Bottom Floor of the Burbank Mall)

When it comes to choosing the best Halloween store in Burbank, you have plenty of options to consider. However, one standout option is Glendale Halloween, which is renowned for being the best Costume Store close to Burbank. Glendale Halloween in Los Angeles has everything you can imagine. At almost 20,000 square feet with over 25,000 products in store, Glendale Halloween has the best costume options and prices for your spooky Halloween events.

We provide all types of costumes for all ages, including squid game-inspired costumes, masks, theatrical makeup, wigs, haunted House Decorations, lighting, animatronics & costume accessories. The experience of shopping at the Costume Shop Burbank goes beyond just selecting a costume; it becomes an adventure filled with anticipation and creativity.

Apart from this, you can get a lot of scary props, collectibles, furniture, wigs, and makeup in our big store. In our Burbank Halloween store, we carry all styles and sizes of costumes, a huge variety of costume accessories, Halloween props, party supplies, and more. The store is themed like a haunted house, so your child might be a little scared due to the presence of spooky props.

What are you waiting for? Explore this quirky store and find something spooky for a Halloween event.

A Shopping Hub For Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re searching for a specific character costume or looking to immerse yourself in the spirit of Halloween, Burbank’s Halloween store has got you covered. The city’s vibrant entertainment scene and the availability of diverse costume options ensure that you can find what you’re looking for.

Although various temporary Halloween shops open in neighboring cities each autumn to sell their haunted wares for a few months, Burbank’s strong ties to the film industry make it a favored destination for costume shoppers throughout the year.

With its diverse selection of costumes, the Burbank costume store is a sheer delight for anyone seeking movie-themed or generalized costumes. It presents a fantastic opportunity to explore and create some of the best experiences available.

Fortunately, there are more than enough costume ideas in Burbank, particularly at the Burbank Halloween store. Our store brings in some of the most captivating and unique costume ideas that you can’t find anywhere. It truly delivers an enticing and rare experience, making it a go-to destination for costume enthusiasts.

An added advantage of shopping at the Halloween Store Burbank is its focus on affordability. The costumes available here are reasonably priced, making them a pleasure to have without straining your budget.

From classic characters to modern superheroes, historical figures to whimsical creatures, the choices are virtually limitless. It’s a treasure trove for imagination, allowing you to transform into anyone or anything you desire.

Furthermore, the Burbank costume store is not just about Halloween; it caters to various events and occasions throughout the year. Whether it’s a themed party, a cosplay event, or simply a desire to express your creativity, the store offers an extensive collection to suit every need.

With our remarkable selection, affordable prices, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Burbank Halloween costume store is the perfect destination for all your costume needs.

So, if you’re in Burbank and searching for a halloween store near me on the web, visit Burbank Halloween Stores or explore Glendale Halloween for an unforgettable shopping experience. Discover the joy of trying on different personas, embracing your favorite characters, and creating cherished memories.

Let’s Explore More About Burbank- The Vibrant City


Burbank is the capital where the majority of movie studios are located, including Prop houses, studio rentals, film equipment companies and Halloween stores to cater blood and make up for all the on set activity for filming. Burbank has a population of a little over 100,000 people, many who reside in Burbank because of the work they have for the studios. Burbank is neighbor to Glendale, where Glendale Halloween Time Superstore is located. Other cities around Burbank include Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Arleta and Sun Valley. Burbank has grown over the years with the Burbank Town Center and their new remodeling plans, the addition of the nation’s biggest IKEA at the border of Glendale and Burbank, New housing plans for the old IKEA and of course, the new TESLA dealership. Add this all up with safe neighborhoods and Halloween shoppers and you see the value in the city of Burbank.

Burbank is a very large city located in Los Angeles County which is part of Southern California. It’s found around 12 miles NW of Downtown LA, and it had a population of around 103000 people at the latest census. Pretty much like all the other cities near Los Angeles, it’s known for the fact that it has a very thriving economy and it’s also full of parks and recreational areas, something that Los Angeles does miss quite a bit.

Moreover, Burbank, CA is known for being the media capital of the world, at least a lot of people say that about it. The thing that led to this name is obviously the existence of various production facilities for entertainment and media companies in here. From Warner Bros to Walt Disney or even Cartoon Network or Insomniac Games, there are many companies that are a part of Burbank, CA and that’s what makes this city a great place for people that want to enjoy the entertainment industry and maybe get a job that pertains to it as well. The Halloween industry was also part of Burbank’s history with its Halloween stores popping up all over.

But there are other amazing places that you can find in Burbank, CA, such as the Skunk Works, which creates some of the best and most technologically advanced planes in the entire world.

When it comes to the city as a whole, you should note that there are 2 distinct areas in there. You have a foothill section as well as a flatland section. Both of these add up to creating a vibrant and visually appealing city that everyone will enjoy pursuing and exploring without that much of a problem.

Quick history

Burbank, CA wasn’t always a city, in fact, at first it was a piece of land that was initially occupied by two colonial land grants during 1821, it was also a part of the Rancho Providencia. The area was the scene of various types of attacks which ended up being disastrous and downright challenging at times. The thing you have to note though that you can still find some of the remnants from those battles during the 19th centuries in many locations all over the city. In fact, some cannon balls were found during some digs near the Warner Bros Studios.

But where did the name come from? David Burbank purchased quite a lot of this land that pertained to the ranch and the Verdugo holding, then he created a ranch and started to grow sheet. In 1876 alone, this region became one of the best ones for raising wheat, however, the years after that was full of problems such as droughts.

However, this didn’t stop the expansion of this city to the point where more and more people started to move in and capitalize on the economic gain found here. Theaters, shops, Halloween stores and healthcare-related buildings soon appeared here, and the best thing about the city of Burbank, CA is that it has continually evolved since then.

Aside from being an important location that pertains to rail transportation, it was also a center for coaches as well, not to mention that the economy managed to grow at a steady pace. That being said, it’s crucial to keep in mind the fact that Burbank became a city starting with the 1890s, and it managed to build more and more stuff. Even at that time, the community had a business district, a high school, newspaper, Halloween festivities and a bank.

While most of the 20th century was all focused on manufacturing and aviation, the reality is that Burbank was also known for its entertainment breakout. Basically, even since the 1920s, the motion picture business started here, and it did manage to bring in front some rather unique movies at that time. Even Disney’s studio was created here with the idea that it could have a lot of space for shooting, yet at one point the space became too small. Even so, more and more companies that pertain to the entertainment and holiday world wanted to be a part of this industry, so they worked very hard to bring in front some really interesting ways to grow and expand. That’s why companies like NBC, Disney, Glendale Halloween and Warner Brothers are thriving at this point.

Climate and geography

Burbank covers an area of around 17.4 square miles, almost all of that island, although there is a little bit of water. When it comes to elevations, there are a few here, such as the Verdugo mountains that are around 800 feet in some areas. Just like most of the Pacific side of the US, Burbank is also located in an area that’s seismically active, and that makes it a rather challenging place to live in at times. In fact, there were some earthquakes that brought in plenty of major problems, and that’s the type of thing that you want to avoid as much as you can in this situation!

Burbank features a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The highest temperature in Burbank in the city was 45 degrees Celsius, and the temperatures continue to stay at a rather stable factor in the past few years.

Burbank neighborhoods

You have multiple neighborhoods in Burbank, and each one of them comes with distinct features and incredible opportunities that everyone will appreciate and enjoy a lot. First, you have the Magnolia Park which is known for its old school and also a bit modern look as well. This shines, and in the end, it pays off immensely in the end. Halloween stores are commonly opened in these busy areas.

Then you have the Rancho equestrian area, which is known for the fact that it features plenty of horse ranches. The owners are told to keep the horses on their properties, due to numerous incidents that happened in the past few years.

Here’s also what you can find, the library, a golf course, Cartoon Network, Walt Disney and other studio’s headquarters. That alone makes them incredibly distinct and unique, which in the end is the type of experience that you want to bring in front regardless of the situation.


A lot of people know that Burbank tends to get larger and larger all the time. This is true because the overall population is around 105,000 at this point. Comparing it with the 1920s when there were only around 3,000 people here, it’s easy to say that the past 100 years have been a thriving success for Burbank as a whole, which is a very good thing.

The crime rate here is around 1% or less, and homicides tend to be less common if not almost extinct when compared with other cities in the region and more specifically Los Angeles.


What you should know about Burbank is that it has the second largest office space market in the San Fernando Valley. And, as we mentioned above, it’s safe to say that most of that space is utilized by the entertainment industry, which does tend to bring in hefty profits for the property owners. In fact, this is the city which has some of the highest lease rates out there.

A thing to note here is that more people work in Burbank when compared to the actual number of persons that stay in the city, to begin with. That on its own is very interesting, and it does show the sheer uniqueness offered here. It’s second to none and worth your time, which is incredibly exciting. The massive success of the Burbank economy comes from the entertainment industry. In fact, the telecom, entertainment, and internet or media industries tend to share a $4.2 billion in payroll.

Still, there are issues with finding a new job here, in fact, the jobless rate is around 10% or sometimes a bit more, which is a pretty challenging thing to deal with at this point. When it comes to the top employers in the region, you have the Walt Disney company ranking in first, and then you have Warner Bros as well. Then there’s the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and the Bob Hope Airport. The American Broadcasting Company, Burbank Unified School District and the City of Burbank as a whole continue to complete the list of top employers in here.

Shopping for Halloween costumes

One of the best things about Burbank is that this is a city focused on entertainment and fun. So yes, you are bound to have some really interesting and exciting things to have in here, and the great thing is that all of this adds up to deliver an amazing set of experiences and opportunities.

The idea is that the Burbank costume store tends to be very diverse and they make it easy for you to pick the desired movie themed or generalized costumes, which are just a sheer delight to have all around. It’s a nice opportunity to have, and in the end, it can be one of the best experiences out there.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to costumes here. The Burbank Halloween store, in particular, is bringing in some of the best and most interesting ideas that you can find out there. It works great, and it does deliver some enticing and unique experience that you can rarely find nowadays.

When it comes to which Halloween Store in Burbank is the best, you do have plenty of options, and it all comes down to you to make the right pick. Glendale Halloween is the best costume store close to Burbank that you can experience. You are bound to find some nice costumes at the Burbank costume store, so you never have to worry about being unable to get the type of costume you want.

Also, the nice thing is that the Burbank Halloween store is focused on affordability. So yes, the costumes that you will get here are pretty inexpensive, and that makes them a pleasure to have for sure. You should consider checking them out as it can offer you some incredible experiences and opportunities.


Burbank is found in the Burbank Unified School District, and it does feature multiple high schools, there’s even the Woodbury University that is widely known for its rather unique and distinct appeal. There’s also a bilingual French American college and preparatory school here, not to mention there are a few great schools for people with special needs too. So yes, Burbank does feature lots of great schools, and the educational system is very good here.


Obviously, as you can imagine, Burbank is home to many tourists, and it does have lots of employees too. In fact, the Bob Hope Airport alone servers around 5 million people per year, not to mention that there are many other transportation methods here as well. There are lots of freeways in the region that make coming or going to/from Burbank a sheer delight. There’s also a metro as well as train system in here too, so it has never been easier to come or go to Burbank.

As you can see, Burbank is a city full of wonders, and it does tend to bring in front some of the most interesting results in the entertainment industry. That alone, combined with the fact that real estate here is not as expensive as it is in Los Angeles, does go to show the sheer amazing experience offered by the city.

Plus, if you want to find a good Burbank Halloween store, you will be able to find that without a problem. It’s a nice experience and opportunity to have, which in the end does tend to bring in front its unique effects, to say the least.

The idea here is that you will have a delightful and unique shopping experience at the Halloween store in Burbank, so if you are very interested in that, you should consider giving it a shot, as it is incredibly rewarding to gain access to such amazing Halloween costumes!

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