Afro Wigs

Your retro or clown costumes will look considerably more over the top when you include an afro wig. We convey a wide assortment of styles and colors for men, women, and children. Afro is the name of a haircut worn generally by individuals with an unusual hair surface, and it was most prominent in the 1960s and 1970s. Individuals with straight or wavy hair can likewise make afro haircuts by utilizing styling items and brushing their hair far from the scalp. The haircut stands out from the head and has a rounded shape. The name originates from the term Afro-American, and it can likewise be known as the natural.

Prior to the 60s, African Americans regularly styled their hair correspondingly to the way white individuals did. Despite the fact that many had afro-textured, they braided and straightened it. During and after the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the African American people group became more powerful, and this prompted a more prominent energy about African magnificence. Untreated hairdos like the afro were images of dark pride. They sent a defiant message like the one sent by the long hair hippies wore.

A few acclaimed individuals like Jimi Hendrix, political lobbyist Angela Davis, and individuals from the Jackson 5 and The Supremes had afros. Afros are still around today, in both normal and wig frame, and they are even worn by big names like Lauryn Hill, Macy Gray, and Ludacris.

Be sure to check out our entire selection of afro wigs for both retro and clown costumes. You’ll be ready to disco dance the night away in style.