Hanging Props

There is something about ceilings that make many people scared. Many of us believe(d) that this is the place where monsters and ghosts live. So, take this advantage and use some hanging props to make your home scary this Halloween. We have a huge selection of props like this including hanging bodies, frightening painting, and many other items. Many people enjoy our bone-chilling grim reaper holograms or the specially designed jack ’o lanterns. These special decorations will surely make your Halloween better!

Hanging props are ideal for preparing a suitable mood and ambiance because the fact that you will look at skeletons and zombies that are swinging around your home will constantly remind visitors of the idea behind this celebration. Do not focus on only one prop. Use zombies in the bathroom, vampires in the kitchen and ghosts in the living room. The visual effects you can create are practically limitless. They will create a feeling of unease and expectation among visitors.

Just hang these props on different positions and let the horror fest begin.