60’s Accessories

Welcome to “Swinging sixties”! yeah, you read it right. The 1960s is also known by this name. 1960 is recognized as a period for the development of whole new music scene, opportunity and breaking the rules. If you are attending a 1960s outfit themed party, you will need to make the perfect ideal fancy dress. Be that as it may, what makes the outfit exquisite, appealing and awesome. 1960’S extras can add some style and excellence to your outfits.

In 1964, the mini-dress was introduced by fashion designer Mary Quant. The dress had a typical geometric pattern in black and white. This is a great option for those who want to flaunt their style in a fancy dress party or are dressing for Halloween. On the off chance that you will go to a costume party and need to make an authentic look, picking a couple of patent Gogo boots in either dark or white or Flip Wig Blonde and Woodstock Tambourine that are common of this time can be an extraordinary decision. If you want to flaunt your legs, a Mary Jane shoe is the ideal option. Peace accessory and bracelets finish the 60s adornments you’ll require for this look. Mod or hippie look is the immense decision for men to rock the costume party. To bring the best out of this look, bear in mind to include the 1960s accessories like sheepskin vests round shades, headbands, catches, and peace sign necklace. A fake marijuana cigarette and a tambourine add a little fun to this outfit as well.

Whichever style you decide is the one for you, adding fun 60s bells and whistles to your costume creates an authentic look and help you stand out from the crowd.