1950s Makeup and Costume Accessories

The 1950s is a standout amongst the most idolized look that is the reason that there are a lot of outfit parties that middle the thought and theme after it. If you are going to a costume party, you will want to show your unique look away from what others might have. Odds are, numerous people will dress in a similar way. If you want to stand out from the crowd and flaunt your style in a unique way, your dress should be different from others. You might have sport leather jackets or an oversized poof skirt, but it just won’t be perfect without the matching 50s accessories. Whether you are looking for a Blonde Ponytail Wig, Poodle Socks, Blue Glasses or anything from 1950s accessories, we have it all at Glendale Halloween.

Obviously, there are a variety of looks to choose from, but the thing that makes you unique in relation to others is the kind of accessories you choose to match with your 50s look. This is the place numerous people fall behind. Regardless of how quality and dazzling the outfit you have on, no matter how the quality is and how stunning the costume you have on is, if it doesn’t match up with the right fifties accessories, they simply are not going to fit in. 1950s Makeup and Costume Accessories add some style and uniqueness to your boring outfit. For one thing, there is a vintage Auburn wig for you.

Whether you are the young lady or a kid, we have a diverse collection of 1950s wigs for you. If you are a young lady, you can choose our Bouffant Wig, Bad Girl Blonde Wig or Pop Art Katie Kapow. If you are a kid, you can go with something like a Pop Bobby Boom Wig. You can match it with a dress, and this will give you a fantastic look for your outfit. We have additionally 1950s separable headbands and curiously large hair curlers that will give you the perfect hair.

At the Glendale Halloween Store, you will find some stunning 1950s makeup and costume accessories that can make your costume party even more awesome. Different things incorporate Pink Rhinestone Glasses, Black Poodle Scarf, Poodle Handbag, Child Saddle Shoes, Men’s Greaser Wig, White Poodle Scarf, Switch Blade Comb that are recently immaculate to finish your 1950s look. With respect to a greaser, simply make a point to have shades and a coat.

50s accessories are fun to wear and really make your Halloween costume recognizable as one from this iconic era. Get yours today!