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Last Minute Halloween Costume Shopping

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Tomorrow is the day you’ve been waiting all month for! HALLOWEEN!! I’m sure you are well prepared and ready to celebrate the holiday! What? You still aren’t ready? Don’t fret. There’s still time to do whatever it is you need. The first thing you need to do is to head over to the nearest Halloween costume store. If you haven’t yet chosen a costume, browse the huge selection of costumes and something will surely strike you as the perfect choice for you.

If you are just super choosy and still don’t see anything you like, then whip up your own last minute costume. There are hundreds of props, wigs, and masks available to create whatever look you decide to go with. People come up with all sorts of last minute ideas. Such as covering yourself with white balloons and being a person in a bubble bath, or using purple or green balloons and being a bunch of grapes. Get yourself some pom-poms and put a sign on your chest that says “Go Ceiling” and you become a ceiling fan. There are plenty of silly last minute “punny” ideas to use.

Glendale Halloween can help you find what you need to be ready for tomorrow’s festivities. They have costumes for everyone in the family. Including your pet! Don’t let Fido be left out of the fun. Pet costumes have become almost as popular as the human ones. Your pet can be a superhero, princess, cowboy, pirate, or whatever you think fits their personality. Bring them along for trick-or-treats so everyone can see their adorable costume. Or let them help you greet guests who come to your door.

Other quick last minute costume ideas include wearing all white and running black electrical tape down your arms and legs to make a stick person. Use a stick head circle mask to complete the outfit. Go in your pajamas for a super warm, comfy outfit and just be a lazy sleepyhead. Or slick back your hair, throw a black cape on and put some fake fangs in and you can be a vampire.

Whatever you choose to dress as, be sure to have a safe, hauntingly scary Halloween!

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