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Halloween is right around the corner! Most people have all their decorating finished and are patiently awaiting the big night. Many of them headed to a Halloween store near Glendale Galleria to find everything they needed for their display.

Take time out of your last minute plans to check out some of the hard work people have done. If you drive around your neighborhood, or the neighboring areas, you are sure to find some fantastic Halloween displays. Some yards are done with animatronic props, music, lighting and awesome ghostly effects that will blow your mind!

Plenty of them is worth stopping and browsing the hard work that is done. Most people don’t mind, in fact, that’s what they want you to do! Just remember not to trespass or bother any of their display. But pictures are almost always welcome.

Some of your local Halloween costume shops may also have awesome displays to see. They want you to see what you can make your own yard or house look like, so they will set up a large variety of their most haunting props and animatronics for you to check out. It’s worth a trip to the store!

And it’s not too late to check out the costume selections while you are there. If you still haven’t decided what you want, or your kids are being super picky, check out the variety of ideas at a costume shop nearby.

Adults can find anything from a 70s hippie costume to a Star Wars character. Children can browse through mermaids, superheroes, muscle men and fairy princesses!

And if you decided to throw a last minute party, you can find all the decorations, lighting and props you need to scare up some fun. Include things like black lights or fog machines in your yard for super scary effects.

Whatever your needs are, Glendale Halloween will be glad to help you find the perfect items for your Halloween adventure. Head over today to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting Halloween items available to you. And be sure you and your

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