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The year is almost over and it’s already December. After the Halloween season, Christmas is our busiest costume season of the year. Halloween Season may be over but Costumes are available year-round for all holiday events. However, these are the costumes that have a different fan base among children and even adults. Whether it is for school events or family photo shoots, children love to dress up as Santa or as Elves. Christmas parties are fun for all and Christmas party outfit ideas should be for all. 

Popular Christmas Holiday Costumes For Every Child At Glendale Halloween

Santa Costumes for Baby Infants

We have a wide range of baby infant Santa costumes that is a must-have for moms with newborn children. Our holiday costumes include baby Santa, baby Turkey for Thanksgiving, baby gingerbread man, and baby elves. Elf on the shelf is always a popular trend for the holidays so we offer that costume as well for our jolly holiday fans. Glendale Halloween in Burbank also works with many schools and organizations in providing them with the costumes they need for their holiday parades and school activities. 

The Santa House

A Santa house is where children of all ages love to visit and take pictures on Santa’s lap, and we rent costumes for them to use for this photo shoot. There is always a need to find the best Halloween stores near you and we are here to assist you with top quality products. Our team works very hard to keep up with all seasonal requests from our clients, and as soon as the Christmas and New Year holidays pass, we will start preparing our Cupid Costumes. This means we are on something one after another to serve our customers with excellent products.  

How do we serve our clients?

The Halloween store in Glendale is here to help with all types of costume events and fulfilling your unique ideas for your party needs. We will also be at the Montrose Christmas parade this weekend on Honolulu Ave celebrating the Christmas festivities with the thousands of people from Glendale and Burbank in attendance. Stop by and say hello and share your favorite ideas with our staff. OurBurbank Halloween storeand Glendale Costume Shoppe love hearing great ideas from our loyal customers!

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