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Women’s Halloween Costumes

September is drawing to a close which brings October and HALLOWEEN! Time for decorating, parties and tricks or treats. Also, time to start planning your perfect costume. If you are searching for women’s costumes store Glendale Halloween has plenty to choose from.

What theme would you like to go with this year? Maybe you want to be super scary and dress like a siren, or maybe Medusa? Go with a humorous outfit and be a cartoon character or even a fruit! Or you can always go the sexy route and be a beer girl, Roman Goddess, or even the classic French maid! You can find all these costumes and more at a Halloween store by Glendale Galleria.

Halloween is the perfect time for letting go and showing your inner villain, bad girl, or superhero. You may be super shy in real life, but when you put on a super sexy costume and mask and somewhat hide your true identity, you will feel empowered and ready to face the world. Or at least the party down the street.

If you are totally into TV or movie characters and are not sure where to find a costume? Glendale Halloween will not disappoint. Maybe you always dreamed of being “Sandy” from Grease. You can dress like she did when she was in the “Pink Ladies,” and then surprise everyone later by becoming super sexy bad girl Sandy. Love “Wizard of Oz”? How about arriving as Glenda the Good Witch? Or maybe you have a Star Wars fixation…Princess Leia awaits you.

If cartoons are more your style, check out costumes from the Flintstones or Scooby Doo. Save people by dressing like Wonder Woman or a Baywatch lifeguard. The choices are endless.

When searching for a Halloween store Hollywood has so many choices. Glendale Halloween should be your first and last stop. They have everything you need to make your holiday scary, entertaining and fun for all.
Whether you choose to stay home and answer the door in a Cookie Monster outfit or you head to the party dressed as Batgirl, you can be sure Glendale Halloween has everything you need.

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