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Scariest Haunted House

Planning the Scariest Haunted House

There’s nothing better than walking through a wicked scary haunted house for Halloween. Except maybe strolling through a haunted pumpkin patch. The adrenaline rush will make you want to go back through again and again. Why not make your own scary walkthrough for your friends, neighbors or just the visiting trick-or-treaters? It’s not as hard as you may think.

It may be easier for you to plan your scare-fest if you go with a theme. Your guests can enter the witch’s castle or Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. It can be the haunted woods full of wolves and spiders. Or maybe the creepy clown’s carnival grounds. Having a theme helps you to plan your decorations easier. I always find all the props I need at Halloween stores near me.

Decide where you want to make your attraction. Do you have a few rooms in the house that you can plan a small walkthrough? Or would your backyard be a better spot? If you choose inside, try hanging blankets or large pieces of black plastic from the ceiling to create “hallways.” This will give walkers a trail to follow. If your spooktacular event is outside, use lighted globes to light the walkway. Solar lights work well, or you can find scary Halloween themed lights for your path. Avoid using candles as guests with longer costumes may accidentally get them in the fire.

You can find plenty of Halloween costume ideas at your local costume store to help decide what creatures you want in your attraction. If you have friends to help you, they can be in various places to scare guests. If you are on your own, check out a few of the lifelike animated props to freak your guests out.

Even the smallest of walk-throughs can be entertaining if you put your heart into it. (figuratively, please…) If you are searching for a Halloween store close to Burbank, Glendale Halloween has everything you need to create your masterpiece. Check out the supply of lawn decorations, fog machines, and black lights. With the right ingredients, you will be ready to get your scare on!

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