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Top SFX Makeup Tricks that will go with your Halloween Costumes

Halloween is ringing bells! Are you prepared for it? Even if you have bought the super amazing costume for the Halloween but it is incomplete without some SFX makeup tricks. You might have seen numerous artists do the eye-popping makeup that looks real. Well, you too can do it without any trouble. The special effects are cost-effective and will be suitable for various Halloween costumesfinely.

So without further ado, let’s explore the top SFX effects right now.

Halloween Costumes

Bullet holes

If you have decided to be a zombie or corpse, bullet holes are just meant for you. All you have to do is just buy some waterproof paint or body paint. Choose a black and red color. You can also pick the white color to enhance the art as well. You can use foundation, which is one tone lighter than your skin. Apply the foundation as a base of the art in a circular motion. Use a thin tip brush to make a small circle on your body. Now use a thick brush to fill the circle with black color. Outline the black filling with white color with the help of pointed brush or a toothpick. Now comes the final touch up, which is to pour some blood. Use fake blood or red coloring liquid to give it a real bullet-hole look.

Bullet Holes On Hands For Halloween

Pour down it from the front without messing up with the black hole. Now you are all ready to show your bullet holes to the world.

Werewolf Tear

The werewolf has always been an obsession amongst everyone. Whether it’s about werewolf claws, teeth, face, or tear, everything is in trend on a Halloween night. If you are planning to make a werewolf tear, you are in the right place. All you need for this experiment is high-quality body paint or color along with brushes. The color you would need for werewolf tear is again red, black, and white. But this time, Black will not be the filler. You can buy this stuff from the one of the best Halloween Costume Stores near you. Take a thin brush and make a long oval shape anywhere on your body. Use red color as a filler. You can make the scratch look deeper by outlining the filler with black color. Again, pour down artificial blood or red liquid from the front and viola. You are good to go. Wear an outfit and tear it down in the same shape as that of your paint. That’s how you can look uncanny at the Halloween party.

Halloween Costumes Store Near Me

Special effects

Nowadays, nothing is complete without amazing pictures and videos. You can look like a real ghost in the picture by using the best special-effect software. As you know, makeup isn’t enough to put those wild and scary elements, using special effects for the photos is the best idea. You can change the color or alignments as per desire. So use it right now.

Now that you know the amazing SDX makeup tricks, choose one of the best Halloween costumes, and let everyone see the magic of makeup right now.

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