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If you find scary movies interesting and love watching them, Fall is upon us, and Halloween costume stores in Burbank are opening for the season. It’s time to head out and browse the selection of spooky decorations. Get some items to hang on the wall, like scary skeletons or ghastly ghouls. Find the perfect pumpkin. String some lights and illuminate some lanterns. And have a monster movie marathon! Let’s have a look at the list of some scariest movies

List of some Scariest Movies

Start viewing your favorite movies after making some popcorn. Have a look at a few most popular ones:

  • A timeless film like “Night of the Living Dead” or even “The Blob” is always a good choice. 
  • For a restless night, watch one of the “Halloween” movies starring Michael Myers. Maybe Jason from the “Friday the 13th” movies is more your style.
  • There is a limitless supply of scary movies to choose from. Stephen King is the king of horror, and he is the author of several fantastic films like “The Shining,” “Creepshow,” and “Silver Bullet.”
  • If you enjoy vampires, watch “Fright Night” for some spine-tingling chills. Both “Scream” and “The Others” are excellent ghostly horror films. 
  • The “Scary Movie” series never fails to make you chuckle if you prefer funny scary.

So, whether you have a get-together and watch movies in a group, do a date night with a super scary theme, or just watch by yourself, you have endless movie options to select from

Halloween Decoration Ideas

If I talk about myself then I not only check out what new popular costumes Halloween stores have, but what the trending Halloween decorations are.

To have the newest scary hanging decoration or lawn props stands out more to scare not only visitors but you and your family members too.

All in all, you need to be sure to pick up some props, makeup, and masks while you are shopping at your favorite Halloween store close by. However, you can always exit the room during the showing and return with a mask on to scare others. Visit our store Today!





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