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Only two months until October! It’s time to start planning your decorations for your home, garage, and yard. There are hundreds of various things you may use to make your house the creepiest on the block this Halloween.

If you need to find some awesome decorations for Halloween San Fernando Valley, our Halloween Superstore has got your back! 

Check out the wicked supply of items at Burbank Halloween:

Halloween Hanging Decorations:

Start with some hanging decorations. The choices are endless as you browse the hanging skeletons, ghosts, and vampires. Maybe you want to hang some bodies across your yard to make it extremely creepy. Hang a flying ghost on your clothesline to gently move as guests or trick-or-treaters walk by and watch their reaction!

You can find all sorts of insect and animal props that will make your skin crawl. Spiders, cockroaches, cobwebs and even rats are enough to make your guests look twice before they sit down.

Halloween Yard Decorations: 

When you head to a Halloween store close to you, you can find yard decorations that will frighten anyone who walks by. Check out the zombies crawling from their graves. The new Halloween animatronics available for Halloween are so lifelike they will even scare you! Creepy singing props, jumping creatures and all sorts of other Lifelike Halloween Props are sure to get your card noticed.

You can make your entire yard a horrific graveyard scene with glowing eyes that watch every passer-by. Or you can go with the creepy killer clown theme. There are so many people afraid of clowns, you are sure to bring out some good scares.

Kid-friendly Halloween Decorations:  

If you want a more toned-down kids theme to your house or yard, Burbank Halloween can help you with that as well. Balloons, streamers and plenty of other Kid-friendly Halloween Decorations are available. Choose from happy pumpkins and not-so-scary skeletons for a more cheerful atmosphere.

Whatever your preference, your Burbank costume store will definitely have what you need. There are lights and special effects items as well to enhance whatever theme you choose. And don’t forget the music. No Halloween setting is complete without a spooky Halloween soundtrack to set the mood. 

We’re more than proud to be your ultimate destination to find the Best Halloween props and decorations in Burbank – visit us now!

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