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Tips to Keep Yourself Safe During Halloween

Every Halloween year, millions of people go out on the streets to trick or treat in Burbank on San Fernando or Glendale on Kenneth. While this is great fun, it also offers ugly sides when proper caution is not taken. Here we have put together some essential tips to help everyone enjoy Halloween tricks or treats while staying safe. 

Below are some basic but very useful Halloween tips

  • Always have an accountable adult or guardian accompany you when going out. It can be an older sibling if they are responsible and mature. As it is a busy day with both good and bad occurrences in different areas, make sure to plan your route carefully before leaving home. Also, inform someone else about your destination and which part of Glendale, Burbank, or Pasadena you will visit.
  • While at night, ensure you move with a torch and consider wearing a reflective or luminous light-colored costume – so others can easily identify you. Don’t go too far from home, and where it is possible – please only go out to the houses of folks you know well. Avoid and please do not go to a stranger’s home for any reason.
  • When crossing a road, keep to the pavement and check carefully before moving to the other side, especially if you are in a large group.
  • Don’t use treats or sweets that may have been tampered with, opened, or unwrapped. 
  • In the scene where you wear a Halloween mask costume, please ensure you can see clearly out of it to see moving cars. 
  • And finally, please make sure your costume is at hand, as it is almost November! And you don’t want a rush hour shopping for this. It’s much cheaper and smarter to buy Halloween costumes before November, and you can start now through the most trusted Glendale Halloween costume store in the Burbank Glendale area
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