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Party City Los Feliz

Party City Los Feliz is the local party store that we cater to its clients. Many Party City shoppers are looking for an alternative to escape the long lines of just picking a costume from the pictured costume wall before waiting to get a chance to try them on. Most shoppers hate long lines, whether its to pick a costume, fitting room lines or cash register lines and we do our best to streamline the whole Halloween shopping experience for our shoppers.

We want our customers to be excited when they walk in and walk out quickly with a satisfied smile on their face. Our fitting rooms are roomy and comfortable for our customers to see what fits them best, what looks the hottest on them and even to take pictures and share with their friends on social media. With large mirrors around our dressing rooms, we want you to be comfortable and confident about the costume decision you make.

Everyone has a hundred costume ideas but until they are able to try them on and see what fits best, then they are able to make their decision. For the Party City Atwater Village customers who need directions, please call us and our friendly employees will be happy to help. We are minutes away from the Party City Los Feliz location. Our Halloween store is almost 20,000 square feet and you will not have to wait in a long line to enter the store or any line at all. We make sure to accommodate everyone in an appropriate manner.

Glendale Costume store at the Burbank Fashion Center has endless parking, over 1,100 spots in the shopping center shared with Nordstrom Rack, Ross, TJ Maxx, Michaels, and Ralphs. Halloween Time Superstore is the Burbank go to Party store for 2023. Don’t wait in line all day and end up hearing about out of stock costumes, drive a few minutes to Glendale and enjoy your shopping experience.

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