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Growing up in Glendale, we were used to having many party stores that we would go to for all of our birthdays and party supplies. As time passed, Glendale Halloween became the go-to store for many people. Party World selection was known to be minimal and Party Plaza could only cater to certain people. Glendale and Burbank had too many people and not enough Halloween costume options. That is where Glendale Halloween was able to capitalize and increase its offerings to cover all the events, themes and costume ideas people could think of.

From longtime favorites like Dr. Suess and Dick Tracy to movies of the past like Indiana Jones and Zorro to modern day spectaculars like Suicide Squad and Zootopia. The best Halloween store ever has the options ready for its spooky shoppers that are looking for Halloween stores nearby. Party Plaza supplies have become increasingly popular now thanks to the likes of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and other social media outlets. For example, people spend more time and money on their children’s birthday parties because they know the pictures will be all over social media for people to see and judge. Weddings have also received the same effect.

Wedding Budgets are increasing every season with additional themes being built in and more lighting options as well. Common parties and gatherings amongst friends have now turned into Costume theme parties like Great Gatsby Parties, 2023’s parties, 20’s parties with neon headbands and so on. Overall, the party scene has taken creativity to a new level. This year, political campaign election parties are expected to be a big hit with the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton events with friends gathering to discuss politics while having a drink. Party World and Glendale Halloween will have Election campaign supplies for all these events leading up to the big day.

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