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Make Your Yard a Ghostly Haunt

Halloween is around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about decorating your yard. When I am ready to do this I head to a Halloween store near me to find things I need. You can start with plenty of items you may already have on hand. Get some old sheets, pillowcases, t-shirts, nightgowns, or any other articles of clothing that you think you can create something frightening with. You can use a milk jug for a head, or a balloon if you can hang your ghost from the top of the head.

Use smaller pillowcases and t-shirts for baby ghosts. They can be stuck into the ground with a long stick in the middle. Hang ghosts from trees in your yard, from your porch, or clothesline. You can direct lights onto your ghosts from the yard or even use glow sticks inside their heads to make them eerie.

Check out the nearest North Hollywood Halloween store for plenty of decorating ideas, props, and other yard items. You can find gravestones to place around your spooky ghosts or make a ghostly graveyard with a fog machine in the middle of it to create a ghastly walkthrough for your trick or treaters.

Make a pumpkin patch with spooky jack-o-lanterns alongside your graveyard, or make luminaries out of bags that have ghostly images on them.

Glendale Halloween has all the items you need to create the perfect ghostly haunt in your yard. Animated props that will move when your visitors pass by are sure to get a rise out of them. The longer your walkway is the more terrifying you can make the entrance for your visitors. Enhance the terror by setting up some haunting music that fills your yard with fright.

Remember if you need a good costume store Hollywood has one nearby for you to check out. Don’t let the ghosts have all the fun. Be sure to get your own costume so you can join in the fun and surprise your visitors. After all, it is Halloween. Everyone deserves a good scare.


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