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Halloween Costumes CA- How to Become a Zombie Bunny in Just 4 Steps?

Everything seems to disappear in the dark when the Halloween is near and you haven’t decided what you are going to wear to the party in CA. Many thoughts such as what if your look isn’t attractive, how much do you have to pay for the costume, and where are you going to buy the entire costume & accessories. To own one of the best Halloween Costumes CA, one has to decide on a particular costume that looks scary in every possible way. Zombie Bunny is one of such Halloween costumes that have been in trend for decades. But how to get one? If this question is hoisting in your brain, you are in the right place. Halloween Costumes CA

Let’s begin our nifty tutorial to make a zombie bunny attire in just four steps.

Step #1. Come Across a Dress to Zombify

Don’t just stick the Halloween section in the nearest store. It doesn’t matter which dress you are going to choose, it will look scarier that’s for sure. Be it a dress, suit, or any other dress, drop any of the costumes into the bucket. However, you can pick costume from Easter, or St. Patrick’s day section as well. To get perfect zombie bunny appearance, choose a bunny costume.

Step #2. Use Tea to Age it

As we all know, zombies are dirty, cruel, and nasty. Nope! You don’t have to roll into the dirt to make the brand new bunny costume (that you just bought from Halloween superstore)to look old. In fact, you have an easy and better choice instead. All you need is black tea. Numerous costume makers for making costumes look older quickly have used it. Brew black tea in a big container. You can even use the bathtub for this purpose.

Halloween Zombify Dress

Now add the costume inside the finely brewed tea. Make sure that the costume is completely dipped inside it. Don’t forget to age the head too. Now let it settle for some hours, and dry out completely.

Step #3. Put Some Dirt

Use acrylic colors to make the costume look dirty. Rip some parts apart and put the grass stains on it with the help of green and brown colors. Using actual dirt can lead to skin infections or allergies, as you have to spend hours inside it. You can use any other safer method to put stains on the dress.

Step #4. Give a Final Touch with Blood

After successfully making the costume dirty, it’s time to give the final touch with some artificial blood. You have to make the entire costume look like it has been eating flesh. Spread the bottle of fake blood all over the costume and a bit extra near the mouth and on hands. You can even tear some parts such as ears so that it looks scary as hell.

Halloween Blood Costumes

Now you have got the creepiest zombie bunny costume for the Halloween.

Wrapping Up

You can use your creativity to make other costumes look creepy by following the same steps. So what’s the delay? Go ahead, pick your favorite costume from Halloween Store CA, and enjoy the Halloween.

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