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Halloween is nearing and the excitement of trick-or-treating among children is growing. Just thinking of all those tasty treats can make the days go by so slow. But once your night of doorbell ringing is over, your wait will be well worth it.

First, head to a costume store near Glendale to find the perfect outfit for your Halloween activities. It’s usually easier for children to quickly run from door to door when they do not have a mask in the way that may block their view. Using make-up ensures that your child can safely see all around them to watch for cars, or to be sure they do not trip over things.

Once your little monster is ready to head out, be sure they have adult supervision before going to collect treats. Whether you live in a neighborhood where you can walk from house to house, or you need to drive them around, be sure you have eye contact with your kids at all times. I like to head to a Halloween store near me to find glowing items or safety reflectors to keep my kids lit up for everyone to see. The best way to judge which houses are accepting trick-or-treaters is to check for porch lights. If the light is on, chances are they are waiting with a delicious bowl of candy to give out! Some people may not have a porch light, so they may use a garage light or may want a dark scary theme to their doorway, so they may have other lighted decorations at the entrance way.

Make sure your kids either knock or ring a doorbell and be sure to have them yell “TRICK OR TREAT” as this is an exciting part for those giving out the treats. A “Happy Halloween” and “Thank You” are also nice afterward.

Once back home, the fun begins. After the adults have checked for opened candies or things that they are not sure about, you can have a candy store swap. This is my children’s favorite part. They dump out their treasure and set up shops. They then perform trades to assure that everything they have is something they will love to eat. If you are lucky, there are things nobody likes and Mom or Dad can “trick-or-treat” to their kids and get all their unwanted treats. Luckily for me, mine do not like coconut or whoppers! Stop by the Halloween Store in Glendale for all your needs.

Make sure you have a safe and tasty Halloween!

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