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Get Ready to Dive Into the Spirit of the Season

We have passed the halfway point of the month as we continue to creep towards Halloween. Fall is in the air, and stores are full of Halloween excitement. I know plenty of Halloween costume stores near me are open and ready to help you plan your perfect Halloween event.

What helps you get into the spirit of the season? Is it the delicious smells of pumpkin pie and cookies? Perhaps the roasting of pumpkin seeds? Or simply the comforting scent of candles and wax melts that bring the season closer.

Plenty of scary sounds can be heard as well. If you decorate with animated Halloween props you will hear all kinds of spooky groans, screams and eerie wailing coming from your home or yard. Door-knocker type decorations are great for getting into the Halloween mood. Just push the button and you will hear creaky doors, haunting bell chimes, and ghastly laughs.

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Everyone has their own special way of getting into the Halloween mood. My personal favorites are pumpkin smells from baking, and wax melts with fall scents like campfire or Autumn forest. But I think the best Halloween snack, besides the candy, of course, is freshly baked pumpkin seeds. If you have never done this, it is super easy. The results will be worth it. Especially if you have only ever tasted bagged, store-bought seeds. (yuck!)

First, you need a pumpkin. (you probably figured out that part already). Check your local pumpkin patch. Open your pumpkin up and scoop the guts out, which you will probably do to make a jack-o-lantern anyway. The hard part is pulling all of the seeds out of the guts. It can be time-consuming, but the end result is worth it. I promise! Be sure to get them all. You will thank yourself later.

Lightly rinse the seeds, (a colander helps) leaving some of the pumpkins on them for extra flavor. Place in a bowl with melted butter and toss till coated. Spread seeds on a baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt or regular salt to your taste. Bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes or so. Check them for browning and crisping, and you can toss them around once or twice during baking. Once browned and crisp, remove and let cool. Dig in and enjoy this delightfully crisp, healthy snack.

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