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5 Decoration Tips for a Halloween Haunted Maze

People from all around the world seek Halloween to scare each other and enjoy at the same time. You know the Halloween season has started when the markets are full of some scariest stuff. A haunted maze plays an imperative role in the Halloween fest. Most of the people get excited to enter the scariest and creepiest pathways for making this occasion more pleasurable. Moreover, one can decorate the Halloween haunted maze on their own to make it even more ghostly. Our Halloween store in Burbank will help you with everything you need to create a haunted maze.

Here are some of the decorating tips to garnish these scary pathways:

1. Automatic Smog Machine

The maze looks scarier when there is fog all around. Almost every haunted movie has one or more fog scenes in it that make ghosts scarier. One can look for the Halloween store nearby for purchasing this machine at reasonable prices. The pathway surrounded by fog will look more ghostly to the people trapped inside the maze. An automatic machine that sprays fog after a specific time will work great in your own haunted maze.

2. Monstrous Body Organs

Yes! This is a great idea to beautify the maze and make it horrific. The bloodied body parts all around the maze are enough to take the hell out of people. One can use monster looking body organs as well. Spreading blood all over the body parts to make it more frightening is also a great option. A living monster that scares the people passing by would work great. You can opt for the Halloween superstores to purchase prosthetic organs of a monster.

3. Dreadful Audio

Creepy music and horrific sound effects are the proper garnishings of any Halloween maze. People will never forget the monster that scares them with frightening sounds. One can add terrified background music for making things scarier. You can buy the scary Halloween music CDs from any of the Halloween Store in Burbank. The dreadful background audio will increase the anxiety in the guests. Creepy music is a must for a horrific Halloween haunted maze.

4. The Lights

Lightning plays a vital role in scaring people. A ghost surrounded by terrible lights is all you need to fright the guests entering your maze. A Halloween haunted maze is usually dark and smoggy, but automatic fog lights will do a great job in shocking people. The alarming lights work as navigators also, to let people know the proper path and exit doors. If you are planning the haunted maze for small children, lighting a proper amount is crucial in all ways.

Pro Tip: Keep it Safe

Safety is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind while planning for a haunted maze. Make sure the significant preparations are done before opening the maze for your guests. Design the monsters and weapons in such a way that the stuff does not harm people. It is essential to keep the sharp knives and other things away from the maze for an unharmed Halloween occasion.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the decorating tips to keep in mind while dressing up the Halloween haunted mazes. These tips are enough to make a terrific maze for scaring people. Visit our local Halloween Store in Burbank to shop some amazing decorations and theme accessories.

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