3 Best Game of Thrones Costumes to Buy from Halloween Store near You

You know nothing, John Snow! Sounds familiar, right? It is a simple sentence but with nostalgia down the lane. The hype around “Game of Thrones” is never-ending. If you are an avid fan of the series, you would be all excited to try Halloween costumes based on the characters in the drama. Everyone has their favorites from John Snow to TyrionLannister; you may have a chosen favorite.

Nothing could excite you more than being the character you have always adored, this Halloween. Let the night be dark and full of terrors while you explore the all-new theme across the land of seven kingdoms. You could buy any dress from an authentic Halloween store near you and make this Halloween a night to remember!

Some Popular Characters and the Dresses to Try

1. Daenerys- The Mother Of The Dragons

One of the boldest characters in Game of Thrones, Daenerys aka Danny is an inspiration for many. She has been a fighter and evolved as a character on the whole. Giving the Daenerys looks a shot this Halloween could bring in the brownie points.

All you need is a beautiful yet simple gown to start with. As for the makeup, and accessories; you would require a white wig and some light nude makeup to look like the moon and stars of Khal Drogo. Do not forget to carry that attitude along as it would surely be the cherry on the cake.

2. John Snow- The Warden of The North

The character of John Snow is simply outstanding. No one can deny the love they feel for this character that has evolved from being the guard of the night’s watch to the warden of the North. If you are fascinated by the character and wish to live in his shoes for a day, being John Snow this Halloween could call for a great experiment.

Look for Halloween Superstore near you and get started with the shopping well in advance. You could wear a simple black t-shirt and black trouser underneath. You would need to look for black fur cape and a curly long hair wig, and a pair of snow boots. Rest is all up to you as to how you carry those serious expressions.

3. The White Walker- The Approaching Storm

Everyone is fascinated by the White Walkers that are up for taking over the seven kingdoms. They have an army of the dead that makes them difficult to defeat. If you are too fascinated with the evil side of white walkers, being one this Halloween could be a new thing to try.

The basic thing that you would need is a white walker mask. You can easily avail it at a Halloween store near you. Apart from the mask, you would need big blue nails as an accessory and a knight’s dress to complement the looks.

Wrapping Up

The mentioned characters are making the most noise around. The fascination and hype around the series, is ever increasing. You could also try your hand at being Little Finger, TyrionLannister, Ned Stark, or even Hodor, as these characters are nowhere less in topping the charts of popularity. Hurry up and head to a Halloween store as the winter is coming!

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