2016 Halloween Costume Trends

2016 Halloween Costume Trends are on top of everyone’s mind. Who will be what? What is the best option to be funny and cute? Everyone has ideas but until you stop by a Halloween costume store near me, you won’t see the costume selection and costume trends for this coming 2016 Halloween season. Walking the aisles of the Los Angeles Halloween stores will help you learn about the endless costume options that are new in 2016, and not only men’s costumes or women’s costumes, but also 2016 couples costumes. For example, a Sailor is one of the most popular couples costumes, as well as the Police Officer and Swat lady costumes. In addition to the police couples costumes, this year the prisoner costume is also a great substitute for either gender. New for 2016 and very popular couples costumes includes the Native American Indian Costume and the Indian Warrior Princess. Together, they complete the look of an era and a unique theme. Going to a Halloween party in Los Angeles while being confident about your look has never been so easy. Even our Party City Los Feliz customers love our store so they can see and feel the costumes instead of seeing a picture wall of costumes. For our Burbank Halloween customers, we have a special Halloween coupon as we do for our Pasadena Halloween clients. We invite people from all over to Glendale Halloween so they can explore the endless costume options and see what costume trends are going to be hot for 2016. Choosing a costume may be easy, but walking into a costume party confident about your look is priceless. Don’t forget to add your costume accessories to complete your costume, like handcuffs for police and swat couples costumes or vampire fangs on your teeth to create a true Dracula costume. Wow, the crowd as you walk into your Halloween events.

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