The Scariest Haunted Maze Theme Parks In California To Visit This Halloween!

A haunted theme has always been in trend when it comes to Halloween. While people have tried their hand at all possible themes, the haunted maze is the new and the innovative thing that is creating a fuss among people. Many theme parks around California have already made way for scary Halloween nights with the creative haunted maze. Come and explore the best ones you could visit this Halloween.

List of Scariest Theme Parks To Visit this Halloween

1. Halloween Haunt

This is one of the most popular Halloween events that is annually conducted in Bay Area’s premier location. If you haven’t explored the fest till now, it is a great opportunity to explore the haunted fest, this Halloween. You won’t regret a thing if you buy a ticket to this innovative fright fest.

The haunted mazes that are built make it for a scary evening. From Zombie High, chamber of horrors, toy factory, Roadkill Roadhouse to CornStalkers; you’ll get all sorts of mazes there. You could also try the Backwoods maze that has been the talk of the town.

2. The Fright Fest

As 31st of October is nearing, the hype around Halloween is increasing day by day. The new trend of visiting the haunted theme parks is making people excited already. The tickets are soon to be sold, while you get ready to explore the haunted mazes they offer to explore. The park is a Zombie conquered park with mazes that could take you through a journey you won’t forget.

You could go there dressed as a zombie too and scare the hell out of people. Look for Halloween Costume Stores near you and buy zombie costume, makeup, and accessories to exactly look like one. Tag along your friends and start making a Halloween bucket list well in advance.

3. Disneyland Halloween Time

Disneyland has always been known for its creativity and surprises. The “Monsters after dark” is one theme they implement on during the Halloween season. You would get a new definition of scary and creepy when you pay a visit to the park this Halloween. The best part is you could also take your kids there. Make them buy favorite dresses from Halloween superstore and make the event a memorable one.

They have innovative mazes that they offer to the visitors to explore. The spooky touches at every turn of the maze, the vampire land, and the Monsters After Dark has been creating all the hype.

4. Halloween Horror Nights

If you are looking for the best Halloween haunted maze to visit, Halloween Horror Nights is the place to explore. It is the premier part of Universal Studios in Hollywood. They have as much as eight maze experiences for anyone who visits there. From movie horror experiences to horror from your favorite horror TV show; they have it all.

“American Horror Story: Roanoke” and “The Walking Dead” are among the best mazes to explore there. Every year they introduce new scary zones to make up for a great Halloween experience. Get ready to explore the horror of horrors experience this Halloween!

Wrapping Up

No matter which haunted maze theme park you choose to visit, you’ll surely have the time of your life. Do not forget to dress up as your favorite scary character to add that extra feels to the scary experience. Look for Halloween superstores near you and get your shopping started, today!

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