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Special Lighting for Halloween Events

Mood Lighting for Halloween

Halloween approaches quickly. Only SIX days left to finish all your preparations. Head to a Halloween store close to Burbank and pick up all the accessories you need to decorate for your guests or trick-or-treaters.

Setting up a creepy walkway for your guests is quick and easy with the right supplies. Pick up some strings of lights and place them along with your walkway or sidewalk. Hang some lights in trees or bushes. Place some colored stakes or glowing lamps around your porch. All of these things make for an exciting entrance to your home.

If you would rather not use candles for your jack-o-lanterns, there are other types of lights you can use inside to give them a spooky glow. You don’t have to worry about the wind blowing them out, and they will last a lot longer in case you leave to take the kids trick-or-treating. You can rest easy that there will not be a fire while you are gone as well.

Glendale Halloween has all the items you need for Halloween. You can set up your yard with strobe lights for a haunting effect, or just put some black lights or another lighting around your props. Use animatronic decorations to give your guests that extra scare they want on Halloween. These devices will move, or even jump out at your unknowing passer-by for that “gotcha” effect!

Use pathway markers for an awesome effect. You can find all sorts of creepy pathway markers at Halloween time. Wall sconces are perfect if you have a fence around your yard, or you can set up some candelabras on your porch. You can also use projection lights to direct spooky scenes onto the side of your house, garage, or even on some trees in your yard.

While you are shopping, check out the awesome supply of popular costumes for 2023. From political, to movies and video games, all your favorite character costumes can be found. Costumes for kids and adults alike can be found at your local Halloween costume store. Check them out today! And have a safe, spooky Halloween!

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