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Halloween Masks and Latest Costume Ideas

Something about Halloween demands some spooky appearance every year. Something about Halloween Masks, people either love them or hate them. I personally like wearing a mask for about 2-3 minutes then I can not take the heat any longer. But some people go all night, whether it’s a Halloween Parade in Hollywood or a Costume Party in Burbank, no amount of sweat will make them take off the mask. Nowadays, Halloween Masks come in hundreds of different designs. Glendale Costume Shoppe’s most popular mask of all is the plastic anonymous V for Vendetta Mask.

Even though it is a plastic mask and just covers the front of the face, unlike the latex masks that cover the whole face, this mask is still the most popular by far. The Purge mask of the smiling lady is also very popular, another plastic but easy to wear mask. 2023 will be very popular for the movie characters and their vibrant look. Now if you aren’t into the campaign and prefer to stay away from election Masks, the next most popular is the humorous animal masks.

Timeless Masks and Costumes For A Fang-tastic Halloween?

People love these and get a big kick out of them, not just for Halloween but even for funny videos or youtube clips. The Horse Head Mask started it all years back with funny online Halloween mask videos then the Harlem Shake videos took animal masks through the roof in popularity. It had never been so hard to get your hands on an animal mask, but the Halloween store in Glendale was always fully stocked on the shelves.

Animal Masks used to be just a few options like a horse head, a cow, a chicken but now you have unicorn masks, dog masks, sheep masks, donkey masks and the list is endless. Every animal you can think of and even water animals are now popular with our Shark Masks or Dolphin Masks. And for the costume shoppers who only like Superheroes, yes, Glendale Halloween has the Superhero masks as well including Batman masks, Joker Masks, Spiderman masks and more. Stop by to see the options, we are located in the Heart of Glendale just a few minutes from the Burbank Halloween stores.

Visit us and get started with your shopping!

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