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Halloween Costumes- 4 DIY Suggestion you Need Right Now

There is a magic in the night when the pumpkins gleam by the moonlight. Halloween is so full of fun and excitement that even the thought of wearing breath-taking costumes gives butterflies in the stomach. This Halloween you will not wear the most eye-catching costume but also save a lot of pennies in it. Yes, you read it right. The super easy DIY hacks for Halloween Costumes will change the way you used to dress up every festival.

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Below, we have listed five most useful suggestions that you can do yourself.
So without further ado, let’s check out!

1. Real Life Pac Man Ghost

If your budget isn’t too high, but still wants to look attractive, the digital Pac Man ghost is a wonderful idea. The first step to make your ghostly dress is to get up and take out your plain T-shirt from the closet. You can either buy the white pixel eyes with black/blue felt or do some cutting and make your own pixel eyes. Now glue the eyes on the shirt and voila! You are good to go. You can also wear a black jagging with small white squares on it to get a complete Pac Man ghost look.

2. Become your Version of Powerpuff Girls

One show that any 90’s kid can’t forget is- The Power puff Girls. Well not just the girls, boys even liked the show because of the super-action between villains and our three cute superheroes. It’s time to relive that moment. All you have to do is just purchase three jumbo T-shirts of blue, green, and pink colors respectively. You can either sew or glue the black fabric from the waistline. Wearing a black jagging under this T-shirt will you perfect powerpuff girl look. You can wear the matching makeup and accessories such as hair band or contact lenses as well. This is how you get ready to spot on the Halloween night.

Powerpuff Girls

3. Try your Luck with Dominoes

The game-changing hack for Halloween costumes is here. How amazing would it be when you will flaunt the illusionary dominos costume with your friends? Call your squad over your place and get done with the costume. This outfit involves simple steps. Put on completely black attire (suit), use fabric, or normal paint to make dominos on it. Choose white or black shoes and look like a domino. Some makeup-art will work like a magic, so go for it. It can be one of the best Women’s Costumes as well.

4. Strongest and Bravest Rosie the Riveter

Almost every woman on this planet is obsessed with this appearance, which is the feminist and a symbol of power- Rosie the Riveter. Many celebrities have tried to look like her at the Halloweens, and one must say that they have killed it. It’s your time to roll everyone’s eyes with this awesome costume idea. For that, wear your favorite denim jeans, chambray shirt, and red banana. Hot red-hot lipstick has always enhanced the look so wear it and lay.

Rosie The Riveter

So pick your favorite DIY method and wear one of the best Halloween costumes right away.

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