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Halloween is great but Please Don’t Wear the Following Costumes to the Office

This article reveals some Halloween Costumes smart employees shouldn’t think of wearing to their workplace! Workplace Halloween celebrations can help build morale and teamwork, however, you must be vigilant and not cross the safe line – with your costume.

FACT: At least one in every 3 adult dresses up for Halloween in different styles depicting arts & acts of witches, wizards, vampires, pirates, and animals – amongst others.

Workplace Halloween events can promote good morale and teamwork – providing the stage to showcase employee creativity. On the other hand, if wrongly done and perceived, it can spring-up hurt feelings and then uncomfortable withdrawals or silences over a colleague’s misguided sense of humor.

So read on and take note:

  1. Don’t Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes. Pimps and sexy styles are best left to frat party territories. Simply Dress but Cover up!
  2. Don’t dress to play the opposite sex role

During an office Halloween get-together, always remember it isn’t the best time or venue to experiment with gender cards or make overstated references to body parts.

  1. Avoid dressing up to play the race card
  2. Political maneuvering:

Avoid dressing to the office as a mirrored politician, or some form of political party mascot. Doing this may raise red flags and even create secret enemies who may be serious political fanatics to a sect.

  1. Avoid Poking fun at Religion or wearing an Animal Mask
  2. Avoid dressing up to mirror your boss except he or she is one endowed with Bill Gates’ fashion sense. So dressing up to look like that boss with Donald Trump’s kind of hairstyle won’t win you any points, either.


So now you know how to play it safe. If you want the best office Halloween costumes to spice up the venue in big form – you can shop now thru our Halloween stores in Glendale and Costume stores in Pasadena or Burbank. Nearby Costume stores are always ready to serve our Halloween shoppers. We are also ready to help all of the Halloween Town Burbank shoppers who don’t find what they need.

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