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Halloween Costume Shopping


The History and Origin of Halloween

Till date, Halloween happens to be one of the ancient holidays still celebrated and widely enjoyed! It is indeed one that is highly celebrated and enjoyed – second only to Christmas. Though a lot of folks celebrate this holiday without knowing its origin and history, it would do you better when you know the full history and facts of Halloween holiday period, as this makes the occasion more fascinating.

Some folks see the season as a moment for wearing great and scary Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating, and then having some theme parties.

To some other folks, it can be viewed as moments of superstitions, evil spirits, and goblins – that should be avoided at all costs.

The best to accept for this great holiday celebration – is its beauty of events and moments of giving and sharing amongst friends, associates, family and loved ones.

The Halloween History Told:

The Halloween period and celebration comes up on the 31st of October every year which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. This holiday originated as a pagan holiday to honor the dead. It is also mentioned to as ‘All Hallows Eve’ and as a time that dates back to more than 2000 years. On Halloween eve, the hills in Glendale, especially Kenneth road is full of children in Halloween costumes walking around asking for candy.

The origin of Halloween Celebration in Los Angeles:

Halloween celebration can be linked back to the Druids which happen to be a Celtic culture in Britain, Ireland, and Northern Europe. Participants stay in line for the feast of Samhain to honor the dead every October 31st. One way of honoring is by throwing a Halloween party and buying supplies from Glendale Halloween Store.

The Celts culture believed the souls of the dead wandered the streets and communities at night, and since not all spirits were assumed to be friendly, people gave gifts and treats to appease the evil and make certain that the next year’s crops and harvest would be plentiful.

It is this old culture and custom that has now evolved to the current day trick-or-treating events.

Best way to celebrate this Halloween holiday in Los Angeles is by visiting your local Halloween store early and finding a costume to wear to your Halloween parties from the Halloween store nearby.

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