Glendale Halloween : Halloween Zombie Mouth Makeup

Easy Halloween Zombie Mouth Makeup – The Complete Tutorial

Halloween makeup has taken over the world for a few years. You might have seen the zombies in the movies. But do you know you too can get the perfect zombie look as well? Nope! It’s not costly. Your daily makeup kit will do this for you. All you need to do is follow this Halloween Zombie Mouth Makeup tutorial.

Halloween Zombie Mouth Makeup

So keep everything ready because we are getting started!

  • Get the Lips Ready

Wash your face and apply moisturizer. Now apply primer on your face. Mouth is the section that you need to emphasize. So take a brown (preferably dark brown) pencil or bronzer in your hand and start making a cloud shaped outline on the mouth. You can outline the desired shape but ensure that you are doing it few inches away from the lips.

Contour & Blend

After successfully outlining the mouth, it’s time to get done with the other parts of your face. Apply foundation on the rest of the portion. Now contour your face with the bronzer and of course highlighter.

Get done with the Smoky Eyes

Enhance your eyes with smoky eye makeup. You can go for either black or brown smoky eyes. However, you can do any type of eye makeup according to your dress. Fancy Nancy costumes for girlswill look perfect with the zombie’s mouth. Now do your eyebrows and apply false eyelashes.

Halloween Smoky Eyes

Enhance the Zombie Mouth

Now it comes to the turn to make up your mouth. Use white body paint to make teeth set on the mouth. Make teeth inside the boundary on your upper and lower lips. Once you have successfully created the teeth set, fill the void with red color. It will give an illusion of gums. Color the outline as well. Fill the gaps between teeth with red color too. Add extra element by using black color. Now apply black color on the inside of the lower lip, some of the teeth, gums (that you previously made with the red color) and between the gaps. Use light brown or red color on the lower teeth to give an appearance of teeth roots. If you want to cover the entire outline with the black color, do it. Apply a pinch of red or maroon color on the teeth to make it feel like there is blood on it. Highlight some areas with white color.

Contour the Cheekbones

Shadow the entire mouth at the corners with brown color. Remember you have to make the whole area appear as if it has been ripped. So just add a shade of brown by lightly moving the brush near your mouth. Fill the spaces with white color. Now join cheekbones with the mouth by using bronzer. Dab some gray color from the cheekbones to all over your forehead.

Halloween Cheekbones

Final Touch with Blood

Give a final touch with some artificial blood. Make some splashes of blood near mouth and nose. You can even wear lenses of white color to augment your zombie appearance.

Voila! Your perfect zombie look will give chills to the spine.

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