Costume Jewelry


Punk/Gothic Jewelry

If you want to provide a complete look to your gothic or punk disguise then you must know that addition of extra accessories can make the task easier, yes while in other cases exaggeration may spoil the appearance, the things are opposite in the universe of Goths and punks. This era can be recreated by purchasing lots of items from Gothic and Punk Jewelry set that consists of many studded and black jewelry pieces. Actually without those accessories you will be failed to bring out that rebellious look hat is the quintessence of this genre. Goths and Punks are known for their denying or abiding by the regular social norms and presenting themselves in their own way that is different from the rest of the society. And this rebellious attitude is reflected through their hairstyle, clothing and also the accessories that the sport, that means they try to reveal the quintessence notion of their universe through their overall appearance. Both of these sports tons of jewelry that’s why if in this season disguising as a Punk or Goth is on your mind then you must add those signature jewelry in order to make your disguise more convincing.

Skulls, spikes, studs as well as crosses are the iconic symbol of punk and Goths. Due to that you can find these symbols in their several accessories like necklace, chocker, bracelets and few more. If you are a believer of this genre then you must sport these jewelry to show your inclination for this unconventional social group, but if you are not a believer of this path you can also sport this look in this Halloween to create something new, something that you have never tried before. The appearance of the Goths and punk generally incur the sense of anxiousness and fear in others; make it sure that you can bring that look into your appearance.

You can jazz up any show, party when you will be present their in this rebellious look, your appearance must reflect the true vive of that culture. Instead of following the normal dress code try our unique collection of outfit that will not make you uncomfortable in spite of sporting out of the world design. This jewelry besides helping you stand out of the crowd, will also help you in feeling energetic and loose.

Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk is a subgenre of sci-fi and this genre was formed in the Victorian era. The origin of the steampunk genre was related with the industrial revolution of that era when the power of the steam became the quintessence of the society. Authors’ fantasy had taken this genre into next level. If you are thinking of give a human face to the characters of these stories this year then visit our website to get the essential costumes, accessories and makeup kits. Like the other genre of literature this genre also has its own distinctive type of jewelry and costumes, as it was originated in the great Victorian era, the dresses were impacted from the formal form of Victorian dress.

Are you thinking of adding an extra edge to your outfit? However your costume cannot get the complete look without the Steampunk jewelry. For that reason we have compiled pocket watch like jewelry, inspired from the epitome of the genre. You may choose copper, silver gears for modern outlook and gold and silver hardware for an ethnic look. Various, vibrant designs are available on skeleton watch inspired jewelry section. Your appearance can be turn into disaster if you do not pair it with marvelous accessories. Men’s accessory world are limited there are not enough options available like women accessory, but in our jewelry even the man will find enough piece of striking jewelry that can have them in achieving a complete look in this Halloween. The style of steampunk is very classy as the style of Victorian era blends here with industrial look. The domain of steampunk fashion is unique, and you will definitely love to be a part of this.

Leave the traditional path of disguising into popular characters, come out of the old school concept and prefer to join the excitement and fun of Steampunk universe. Ensure to buy appropriate set of jewelry that you are going to require in order to recreate the proper spirit or fundamental nature of this genre.

Disco Jewelry

TV & Movie Jewelry

In today’s society people love watching the fictional characters tackle their lives and troubles on TV at home and on big screen. It is quite often that one feels like portraying these characters because we start to idolize them. There are so many Movie and TV characters and therefore there are so many costumes available allowing you to dress like your favorite pop culture icons. Regardless of the character that you get, you should ensure that your costume is perfect. Halloween allows you to become a character that you always wanted to become from your favorite movie or TV show. Our Movie and TV jewelry ensures that you can be the character you want to be down to every single mark on your favorite characters body. It features the jewelry accessories which are worn by famous characters in the hit television shows or movies.

In case you are a fan of the movie 300 and you want to become Spartan warrior, we have the golden earrings and cuffs allowing you to resemble a warrior of the deadly civilization.

Egyptian Jewelry

In the strong stylish reign of Cleopatra, eccentric adornment with the perfect collection of jewelry was an integral part of the Egyptian fashion look. If you get the chance to travel out to the land of the pyramids you can as well claim Cleopatra. The feelings you get from this is a wealthy and powerful glitch with the adornment of wearing these accessories when pitched up with other Egyptian styled clothing. Jewelries of Egyptian style are made of stylish class and this enables you shine off the glister of your wealth, which is why most of it is gold. They generally come in the likes of cobra snakes, a sneaky and dreadful unique animal of the Egyptian culture. These master pieces come in different style ranging in varieties from bracelets, head chains, ear clips, and more. These are jewelries that you so desire to die and get pyramid in with it, they’re just that gorgeous. You don’t have to literarily travel to the great pyramid just to get your hands on some great Egyptian styled jewelry, its available in store. It looks exactly a lot like the exact piece they used in the Cleopatra day, so there’s no stress at all in using items from this collection. Especially, when you so desire to appear in glitters with such strength as Queen Cleopatra, these are the extra pieces you will have to desire.

Reveal your gorgeous strength in class and glamour this Halloween when you’re seriously dressing and accessorizing yourself with Egyptian Jewelry collection .These unique golden pieces are bold in style to make it look like you’ve jumped traveled back to ancient Egypt. Well, it could be our little fashion secret that you got these gorgeous looking items from here. Ancient Egypt is far away, but looks like you’ve just gotten back with some cool golden treasures.

Hippie Jewelry

During the era of 1960 Hippie culture became one of the most celebrated, popular cultures in the world. The span of the culture was not limited in certain boundaries instead of that it spread around the world. People who were involved in it were motivated to spread love, happiness and peace around the earth. It was truly an incredible experience. Are you keen to revive those days and the charm of that culture? In that era hippie was not only a popular culture but their dressings also became a style statement. For reloading that spirit of hippy culture you must start by finding the appropriate jewelry, with that you can start your journey towards hippie movement.

As hippie culture means spreading peace, most of the time you can find that peace signs are inscribed into their piece of jewelries such as necklaces and earrings. Hippies also had adoration for colorful dresses, hence many accessories that were sported by them also have multicolored bead to bring out the classical spirit.

Hippies were famous for their unique jewelry trend, starting from their headbands to their famous piece signs engraved necklace and earrings. There are various ways to sport the hippie costume; no matter whatever the way you are following these jewelries will help you undoubtedly. Adding excessive pieces of jewelries to this sort of outfit never proved to be wrong. Make his Halloween day different and unique by making Hippie style your style statement.

The hippie culture has lost its flow but with little effort you can revive it and with your dressing you can initiate the journey. You will definitely feel peace after acknowledging the fact that you are upholding the positive spirit of the hippie culture through your outfit. You will look vibrant and colorful like the tie dye that you wear once you add all of their jewelry and accessory to your costume.