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Only 3 Days Until Halloween!!!


As the final approach to Halloween is ahead, this is your time to decide if you are ready for this awesomely spooky, fun holiday. Are you going to stay home and delight trick-or-treaters with some delicious candies? Are you throwing a ghastly get together with friends and family? Or are you headed out on the town for some scary happenings?

Depending on your answer, here are some last minute tips to help you be ready. If you are staying home to answer doorbells and hear the call of “trick-or-treat”, be sure you head to a Halloween store nearby to make sure you have all the decorations you need. Light your walkway to keep your visitors safe with some lighted path markers. Place some animated props around to give them a good scare when they pass by. Use a fog machine to make your porch a creepy fun place to walk through. This will assure you that word gets around to send other visitors your way. Some awesome candy bars will help as well.

Throwing a monsterific party? Be sure to plan your finger food menu ahead of time so you can have some ghostly snacks to hand out to your guests. Make a “blood” punch in your witch’s cauldron to serve guests. Set the lighting and have some scary sound effect music on hand to give your party a wonderfully haunting atmosphere.

Too much work for you? No problem. Just head to a costume store near Glendale Galleria and find the costume that best suits your mood for the evening. Whether you are in a humorous mood, or just want to scare the pants off people, you can find whatever costume you seek. Pair up with a friend and do a couples costume, or check out the group costumes and you can all go together!

Whatever your choices are for celebrating this Halloween, just don’t wait until the last minute only to find that everything you need is already sold out. Head to the closest costume shop now and be sure to be ready for all the exciting happenings! And have a spooky Halloween!!

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