Glendale Halloween Time Superstore is opening soon.

Glendale Halloween Time Superstore is opening soon with all your favorite costumes

Halloween is almost here. As customers prepare to search for the Halloween store near them, we are preparing our shelves with the best costumes for this upcoming season. With all the new movies that premiered this year, Glendale Halloween Time Superstore is stocking its store with the newest costumes for men and women, including the new Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costumes, the new Batman vs Superman costumes, Zootopia Costumes, Secret Life of Pets costumes, Captain America Civil War costumes, Teenage mutant ninja turtles costumes, Elena of Avalor costumes, descendants costumes, Ghostbusters and the new Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass costumes. We will have all the new movie costumes for all ages in stock and ready for our customers to come in and try on. We also have the high-quality costumes for all our Burbank movie studio customers and our Hollywood club crowd. We will be located again in the Glendale Fashion center on Glendale Ave, at 221 N. Glendale Ave, below the Nordstrom Rack, Ross, TJ Maxx, shopping center.

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